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Amazon Management Accounting with Sergey Faldin of Sellerscale

Management Accounting for Amazon Sellers

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You’ll Learn

Management accounting cf financial accounting

  • Why accounting does not just mean “financial accounting”
  • What management accounting is and why you need it
  • The limitations of Quickbooks and Xero for Amazon sellers
  • Who the reports are actually designed for
  • Why the delay in reporting is so critical

Why Amazon sellers often struggle with numbers

  • Why Amazon being is so easy to start can be a problem
  • Why Amazon “is ecommerce on training wheels”
  • Which piece of management is the least developed
  • Why having no excel skills leaves Amazon sellers in trouble

Why Paul created Sellerscale– Meditation pillow
– Low pricing power Bec not differentiated
– Didn’t realise until it was too late and he was out of business!
– It’s cheaper to do due dil upfront
– He shared the spreadsheet and got a lot of feedback

Why Amazon accounting is inherently hard

  • The issue with Amazon reports
  • The thing you have to do with Amazon reports that’s even harder
  • The one thing you can’t do easily with Amazon reports that is critical to cashflow and cash cycle  management
  • The intrinsic e-commerce issue – especially if you’re importing – that means you can’t affrod to get your economics wrong.
  • The three big issues with accounting packages like Xero and Quickbooks for Amazon  management accounting
  • The 5 main Amazon management accounting problems Seller Scale solves

Trying out Sellerscale
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Today’s Guest

Sergey is CMO of Sellerscale, which is a management accounting platform that helps amazon sellers stay on top of their financials.