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Amazon Keyword Ranking – How the Amazon Algorithm Works with Michael Veazey and Jason Miles

SEO, in its broadest sense, is a very powerful and important source of traffic for any ecommerce operator.

But Amazon SEO – or “Amazon keyword ranking” – is rightly more than important – it’s almost an obsession of any focussed ecommerce operator who sells on Amazon.

Getting your product listing to rank on Amazon for powerful keywords is indeed incredibly important.

Get it wrong and it pretty much dooms your product to either low sales or fair sales but no profit (frankly mostly it’s a loss but I don’t want to depress you too much!)

Get it right and it drives not only sales and revenue but – more importantly – profitable sales and healthy cashflow.

But there are a quite a few myths and some misconceptions around this topic. Above all, I feel there is a n unhealthy focus on hacks and trying to fool the algorithm, rather than taking a more strategic approach.

Also, cutting Amazon SEO off from other business decision – like market choice, cost structure and optimising for conversion – is not only mediocre thinking, it isn’t even possible with Amazon SEO. So a holistic approach that includes market choice and conversion optimising is – in my opinion – the only effective approach to Amazon SEO.

So today we are going to dive into this topic. As with our recent episode on conversion, the aim is to help you increase your profits as you work to increase your sales

What you’ll learn

  • What SEO means
  • What kind of business model Amazon SEO is important for
  • Why Amazon SEO is critical for all Amazon sellers
  • The 3-way tension at the heart of SEO on all platforms
  • How to get started with Amazon SEO
  • Why conversions are inseparable from SEO on Amazon
  • The 3 essential digital marketing metrics for all SEO (across all platforms)
  • How those metrics show up on Amazon and what to do about them
  • How budget ties into Amazon SEO
  • How to evaluate if a keyword is worth trying to rank for
  • How long-tail keywords factor into Amazon SEO