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Amazon Japan FBA with John Cant of Rising Sun Commerce

Considering that Japan is the world’s third-largest Amazon marketplace, it is massively overlooked by most Amazon sellers. This means of course that those who get past the barriers to entry face a lot less competition! And lower competition means easier sales and higher profits. 

But the barriers to entry do seem a little daunting at first.  With a famously different culture to the West, and with three alphabets to wrestle with, Japan does seem a bit of a daunting prospect for those who don’t speak the language or understand the culture.

However, with shipping times from China measured in days not weeks and within an effective VAT rate of only 10%, compared to the usual 20% coming into the UK or even higher in some European Union countries, there are many attractive aspects to Japan as a market. Not least of which of course is the very much lower the competition level compared to the US, UK or even Germany.

As a former resident of Japan and husband of a Japanese wife, John Cant has been using his Japanese cultural insights and connections to help Amazon sellers from the UK and North America to sell successfully in Japan for several years now. He shares his latest insights into what is happening on Amazon Japan and how to solve the problems between you and a successful set of profitable products on Amazon Japan.


You’ll Learn:

  • Why Amazon Japan?
  • Current Amazon situation in Japan
  • Japan’s economic outlook
  • What are the big barriers
  • The 3 language barriers
  • How to know that there’s a market in Japan
  • How to know what keywords to target
  • The similarities and difference between the US and Japan
  • The reviews in Japan
  • Amazon ads in Japan