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Amazon Global Selling with Tom Meek of Payoneer

For many ecommerce sellers (or Amazon sellers specifically) Amazon Global Selling sounds sexy but daunting at the same time. I can say that it has made me and my clients a great deal of money, and helped spread the risk in a very helpful way. I’m completely sold on the great possibilities of Amazon global selling.

Expanding internationally on Amazon is something many of us have considered but many people have yet to take the plunge. Partly that’s because selling on Amazon UK (if you’re based in the USA) or selling on Amazon USA (if you’re based outside America) can seem daunting. In today’s episode, we aim to make it more concrete and doable for you.

We cover a basic checklist of the kinds of things you need to take care of to make it happen with Tom Meek of Payoneer. Payoneer specializes in helping ecommerce sellers expand internationally, and they’re a great hub connected to partners who take care of many of the details. Whether you aspire to being an Amazon global seller, or sell on other international ecommerce marketplaces. You have a similar set of hurdles to overcome. Whether it’s dealing with VAT in Europe for American Amazon sellers, Sales Tax in the USA, or handling international payments, we are giving you an overview of the hurdles you need to jump to become an international ecommerce seller.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • Starting An Amazon Business Is It Worth It?
  • A Brief Introduction of Thomas Meek
  • The Amazon Business Checklist
  • Identifying An Addressable Market
  • Understanding VAT In The US and Euro Market
  • General Pathway For Tax
  • Looking At Europe and It’s Tax Structure
  • Establishing A Business In UK Based Into USA
  • The Logistics of Going Overseas
  • Look at Using A 3PL