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Amazon FBA Importing with Amit of Rosenthal Logistics

Importing for Amazon FBA has always had its challenges. That’s particularly always been true coming into Q4 when volumes have traditionally increased. 

However 2020, while the sales side in e-commerce has been amazing, has brought considerable challenges to the game of Amazon importing. Since 90% of importing for Amazon USA or European Amazon marketplaces is from China, that’s the main issue to solve. 

Let’s face it, importing, while necessary, is rarely the latest exciting topic among Amazon podcasts. But given the sheer loss of profit that results from going out of stock, managing supply chains is critical to that rather more exciting thing – making (and keeping) money in your e-commerce business. 

Get a handle on your importing woes, and you massively improve your business. That’s especially so if you can speed up inventory while keeping a lid on costs. 

So what are the main freight options? And how does using a Freight Forwarder help to solve all the issues that come up?

Amit Rosenthal is literally a born and bred freight forwarder. From his international perspective in Israel, he guides us through the options and the pitfalls in this critical area. 


You’ll Learn:

  • The differences between freight options China to the USA
  • The ups and downs of Air and Sea express
  • How you can save shipping costs
  • How to monitor stocks
  • Different holidays to look out for in China