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Amazon Facts and Figures by Karthik Reddy of Webmastersjury

Amazon And Private Label – some facts and figures

by Karthik Reddy of Webmasters Jury

Amazon facts and figures

You may already be a fan of Amazon as a consumer. It’s pretty easy and affordable to get all the things you may want or need. 

Or you may already be a business partner with Amazon, which has even more benefits.

In the UK and the US, the number of products sold per month is huge – 390 million and 606 million respectively. That means that the Amazon customers tend to spend quite a lot of money.

Specifically, the average customer spends about $700 each year, while the Kindle owners spend about $1,450 per year.

And out of the 304 million users on Amazon, 30 million of them use the mobile app each month, thanks to Amazon’s mobile app discount.

Amazon  – top 5 categories by sales

In case you’re looking to make some money this way, you should know that the top 5 best selling categories on Amazon are: 

  1. clothing, shoes and jewellery
  2. electronics
  3. home and kitchen
  4. sports and outdoors
  5. books. 

If you’d like to learn lots more Amazon facts and figures, just take a look at the infographic below.

Amazon Facts and Figures