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December 10, 2019

Amazon email followup for review with Henson Wu

Amazon email followup for review is really important if you want to be visible to your customers. Find out more in-depth insight on Amazon reviews.

Reviews & Review monitoring at scale

Why reviews matter

You get very limited exposure on Amazon – you need to get on page 1, ideally first 3 or 4.

Then once you get there, buyers will look at the review rating. 

If you have a lot of reviews, say over 100, 1000, you have a huge advantage: 

  1. You get more trust 
  2. If you get 4.5 stars it’s good because it doesn’t look fake!

People won’t even bother reading the reviews which is why we have Amazon email followup for review. 

5 star only reviews

NYT article: “38% of reviews are fake”

There is no way that everybody is happy with it

Negative reviews

Negative reviews give you the most data about your product from Stream of negative reviews

  • Eg big issue with the product
  • Left something out of the product

If page 1 has 5 different choices and they’re all high ranked(4.5-5 stars), buyers sometimes read the negative reviews. 

Eg: a product broke after a week  – I don’t want to buy this product. Might also check the review rate. 

It gives you a lot of feedback on what customers are experiencing. 

Some reviews are just stupid so they may no impact sales. 

Also, comments on negative reviews can be interesting. 

Most of the time, the manufacturer/brand is responding. 

For example, if a product broke, and there is a guarantee and the brand owner reaches out, that gives confidence. 

Why monitor reviews

Not everyone will reach out to you if there is an issue. 

You’ll know that right away when you have Amazon email followup for review. 

Whereas if you drop from 5 to 3 stars in a week, you’ve let your listing die!

Respond to reviews immediately – it’s more about buyers researching the product.

They tend to read negative reviews. 

Finding and contacting who left negative reviews

Used to be able to link reviews back to orders. 

Amazon doesn’t WANT sellers trying to contact buyers. 

They don’t want the negative publicity – someone whacked someone because he wrote a bad review online. They want the reviews to be anonymous and therefore genuine. 

Otherwise, you end up with all 5-star reviews. People with bad products will not be differentiated. 

It’s actually against TOS to try to get someone to remove or revise a review. 

There isn’t much value in getting someone to remove a review. 

Content of the review 

  • Acknowledge faults – the customer comes first no matter what! Don’t fight with them!
  • Display a good reputation for your brand. 

The reason why – is Amazon drives so much traffic. 

On your own website, you can control the reviews etc. 

High review velocity

Amazon tends to throttle high review velocity. 

Sometimes this catches sellers who don’t deserve it. 

For example, a lady who published a book on Amazon who didn’t get verified reviews got the listing suspended  

How do I get my first reviews?

Amazon Early Reviewer Programme

Amazon does have the early reviewer programme – you can pay Amazon to get you the first five reviews. It’s most likely you’ll get a decent rating. It’s within TOS. 

Friends or family?

Friends and Family – is this really black hat? It doesn’t say specifically about this!

It’s only technically against TOS if you have a financial interest. 

Is it a grey hat? Make sure you haven’t got friends or family with the same address. 

Don’t use a computer at your friend’s house eg IP address. 

Do those reviews tend to stick?

It depends on the buyer account. 

If they keep buying and giving only 5-star reviews, that will get removed. 

If you go to a review group, those reviews eventually will get flagged. 

Outside F & F

Outside F & F  – if you understand FB and ManyChat – set up and Ad, drive traffic to the listing and many chat. Kind of grey/black hat but it’s outside Amazon’s ecosystem. 

If you run ads via FaceBook to messenger, you can communicate outside the Amazon system.  

You can then set up the sequence and potentially do a rebate. 

All the big players share data like Facebook, Amazon, Paypal etc. 

Everything you do online is tracked!



30 day free trial and free plan – up to 150 emails/month for beginners

For more experienced sellers, value. 


Use Promo code: amazingfba

 promo code allows you to get 50% off on the first month!


Watch my full interview with Henson Wu

[video_page_section type=”youtube” position=”bottom” image=”” btn=”light” heading=”” subheading=”” cta=”” video_width=”1080″ hide_related=”false” hide_logo=”false” hide_controls=”false” hide_title=”false” hide_fullscreen=”false”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxuVSt3qQHs&feature=youtu.be[/video_page_section]

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