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About us

Is this site for you?

This site is for all people selling Private Label products on Amazon.

This site (Amazing FBA) is specifically geared to the needs of those just starting out in this sphere. We can guide you from your first few hundred online, to your first $100,000 in turnover.

“What if I’m making over $100,000 a year”?

If you’re a more advanced seller, ie, doing over $10k/month, we are launching a sister Podcast in Feb 2019 for advanced sellers.

If you sell over $30K/€30,000 (£25,000)/month online in ecommerce, and can get to London regularly, you should check out the 10K Collective Mastermind, whose members have been experiencing some astonishing leaps forward in their businesses.

If you sell over £100,000 a month (€110,000/$125,000 approx) on Amazon/ecommerce, you should check out the Million Pound Mastermind.

I should be clear that both masterminds are application only and require a paid commitment. They are for the serious seller and committed member.

While it’s not for the fly-by-night, for those who commit to the experience fully, membership has brought deep rewards to its members. Not least, more than one member has experienced a doubling of turnover since joining us in autumn 2017. These are not subtle improvements.

If you’re not yet launched – what can You do now to Start Your Success?

Welcome home!

If yAmazon Coachou’re British or live in the UK, welcome home! This site is especially for you. If you’re from the USA (like about half of the podcast listeners), you’re very welcome and you will still have a lot to learn here.

I often have several international coaching clients at any time, and that does include Americans!

I have sold on Amazon USA, UK and all of Europe, so I’m familiar with the demands of all of those Amazon marketplaces.

More significantly, these days, I’m the convenor of the 10K Collective Mastermind and Million Pound Mastermind. These are collections of about 16 men and women who collectively turn over at least £20-25 million ($25-30 million/€27 million approx) a year on Amazon and other ecommerce platforms.

This has given my ability to help others a massive rocket boost as the intensive work and learnings from those groups permeate all of my work with clients.

How can we help you?

If you need help  to choose better products and get sales and profit on Amazon Europe and Amazon USA, it’s our mission to help you.

Free guidance

You can get a TON of free guidance via the free podcast and blog,  the free Facebook Group and free PDF guides.

Free PDF Guides

Our flagship free PDF guide for those moving into Private Label from Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage or an existing business (or no business) is the 10 Step “Build” guide. Click here to download it.

Other guides include:

  • Our Product Research Guide and
  • Our Amazon Product Listing Guide.

The Podcast

The podcast is a treasure-trove of insights, information and insiration. We now have over 3 years’ content, with over 300 episodes.

The podcast is a blend of my personal insights reflections and guidance, and Expert interviews.

We have over 145 expert episodes live, with more to come (see below for the list of guests to date – a real Who’s Who of Amazon). 

 I also simplify and apply general  economic and internet marketing principles to Amazon.  Again, much of this being based on the reality of the masterminds; the rest is based on my own experiences as a seller, all blended with the insights of general business experts.

I am not anti-theoretical frameworks – indeed, many of us rush around like headless chickens. Insight has financial value, it turns out. That said, I believe in experimental method.

A pretty idea (aka hypothesis) is all fine. But before I’m willing to hand it out as a principle or formula, it has to prove itself in a test in the cauldron of the Amazon marketplace.

That’s one of several guiding principles we try to live by here.

Paid Help

Online Video Course

If you can afford to spend £395/approx $500, our flagship product is the Private Label Process course. 

This is  a true A-Z of how to go from no experience to launching your first Private Label on Amazon within 6-9 months.

Consisting of 349 bite-sized videos, organised into 20 modules,  this is a complete plan for 6-9 months of work building your own business online. Thorough, practical, doable, this is based on hard-won experience working with 1-1 clients.

We believe, from that experience, that building a private label business is an iterative process, not a one-off event.

It’s about what really works for newcomers to Private Labelling and unique product selling.

Mentoring One-to-one

If you have a bigger need or bigger budget, the gold standard of help is one-to-one mentoring. I deliver this online to clients in video calls via the “Zoom” system.

Many clients are and have been British based; but I’ve also had clients as far apart as Colorado, USA;  Melbourne, Australia; Ireland; Poland; and Germany.

With several hundred hours of mentoring under my belt now, I’ve probably seen (and often solved) your issue more than once! So I can draw on a substantial experience to help clarify, guide and support you in your business-building work.

The mentoring programme is application-only and I obviously have limited capacity for the number of mentees I can work with at any time.

If that sounds relevant, you can find out more and apply here.

1-off Consultations

I do offer 1-off consults to all comers, ie, no application or interview needed.
These are particularly geared to the three critical points in your private label building process:

  • Product research check (just before you spend months sourcing products)
  • Pre-Sourcing check (just before you spend  $1000s on your first private label order)
  • Pre-Launch Plan (just before you waste those $1000s with a lame launch!)

Check that out here.

Who am I to help you?

Amazon Coach

Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA Host

I’m a UK based (London) Amazon Entrepreneur myself as well as working as an Amazon Coach and Amazon mastermind convenor.

I’ve been selling on Amazon USA since December 2014 and started selling in the UK in July 2015, branching out into other European marketplaces in late 2016.

Between my own brands and those of business partners, we have made around $250,000 in sales on Amazon since starting business.

I have been synthesising the insights from several sources into principles & strategies that are as evergreen as it is possible to be in this ever-changing environment of modern Amazon.

What experiences do I draw on to help you?

Insights come from four main sources:

  1. the intensive work hour-after-hour with thriving 10K Collective mastermind members;
  2. from countless private meetings with my UK & American power seller contacts (many of whom are quietly making £1-4 million a year away from the spotlight);
  3. from my own Amazon selling experiences;
  4. and from my many expert guests on the podcast (with over 145 interview episodes to date).

Last, and not least, I’ve had massive insight  from mentoring for several hundred hours since April 2016 in intensive one-to-one work.

I’ve worked with a range from total inaction-takers*  to those doing over £1.5 million a year. It’s fascinating to experience – and reflect deeply on- the difference between the also-rans and the winners. I’ve honed my coaching approach in response to that personal reality.

*(sadly more than a couple! – you can’t escape the 80/20 rule)

I’ve worked with clients in the UK, but also Ireland, Germany and Poland. Recently that has extended to as far as Virginia, USA; and Melbourne, Australia.

Some fascinating learnings come when you work intensively with entrepreneurs from different backgrounds.

My own brands…

I want to be clear. Many (if not all) Amazon “gurus” have made – and are making – much more significant turnover than I have. I’m cool with that.

What I offer is a blend of experiences. I hesitate to use the word unique, but you can judge for yourself that it’s at least hard to replicate or find elsewhere.

That said, it’s important that I’ve been in the trenches and know what it feels like to risk my own money and experience the highs and frustrations of online selling.

I’ve run out of inventory three times, had Amazon keep products in “Hazmat” for two weeks, I’ve ignored the business for 2 weeks at a time,  I’ve had products held at customs for two weeks… – you name the mistake, I’ve done it.

Also, I’ve had my products that sold 30 units a day a nice profit…while doing pretty much nothing. Or hit highs like 103 unit Cyber Mondays.

Through the highs and the lows, I’ve made some good money and, despite the odd stressful days, have had a good time.

Nothing beats selling while you sleep. It’s a lot of work to get there and more work to grow from there, but if you enjoy the journey, it’s all good.

Brand 1  – 1st 2 years’ sales

USA sales $73,124     UK Sales: £13,862

German sales  €555

Brand 2 (1st 6 months figures)

UK Sales: £4,037

German sales: €3,340

TOTAL 1st 2 year SALES:$100,748 approx


I have been running the Podcast, Blog  and Facebook Group since September 2015. I’m here for the long haul.

Experts interviewed to date include:

  • Greg Mercer, creator of Jungle Scout
  • Will Tjernlund (over $6million in Amazon sales in one year)
  • Adam Hudson of Reliable Education
  • Kevin King
  • Anthony Lee of Zonblast
  • Danny McMillan of Seller Sessions
  • Manuel Becvar of Import Dojo
  • Brad Moss (former head of Seller Central itself!)
  • Jeremy Biron of Forecastly

I started work as an Amazon coach with my  Mentoring  programme in April 2016.

I’m a Member of the Chartered Management Institute, Membership ID: P04491439, as part of my Consulting work. I  trained in Business Consulting with, among others, Peter Thomson (Nightingale Conant leading author), Dan Bradbury and Daniel Wagner.

Meet the Team

It’s funny how you get used to the international nature of this business. Our team has just three core members. However, one is in the UK; one in America and one in East Asia, in the Philippines. When they talk about a “distributed” team, we are quite an example! We are distributed across 3 timezones, about 14,000 miles apart!

Like all such teams, it has its challenges to co-ordinate. But the talent, work ethic and attitude of these guys mean it’s worth the challenges. I’m lucky and proud to work with all of them.

Rob Sleath, PLP Co-Creator & Webmaster/CTO

Rob Sleath, Webmaster/CTO & Co-Creator of PLP Course

Rob is a very impressive e-commerce operator in his own right. A veteran of Amazon selling, Rob made a substantial income for years from Retail Arbitrage and Online Arbitrage, before adding Private Label into the mix.

Having been recently head-hunted (and hired  on the spot!) as Director of e-Commerce for a growing business, Rob is a super-busy chap. But he has done a ton for Amazing FBA including working with me to create and edit the learning structures of the Private Label Process course; to keep an eye on the technology; to co-ordinate with other team members.

Rob is also occasionally available to consult on his specialist areas, which are many. And when I say specialist, I really mean this a man who is quietly sought out for advice and hired by the biggest sellers I personally know. Rob is literally a rocket-scientist (that was part of his physics degrees); a seriously good product photographer; a Shopify site-builder; and an expert on Amazon systems.

If you want to find out more about Rob’s services, click here for his site. Or email him. As you can tell, this is a man I like and respect; also a man many serious sellers respect.

Daniel Abendroth, Podcast & Show Notes Editor

Daniel Abendroth, Podcast  & Show Notes Editor

Daniel has been working with us for a couple of years now. Daniel has become an essential part of the core workings of Amazing FBA.

The podcast still seems to be how people hear about us and really connect to us. Daniel enables me to produce way more content, and at some kind of consistent quality (the coughs and ums are all mine! sorry, Daniel!)

He is a man who quietly tolerates my  startup-entrepreneur “management” style (“Can you do this yesterday? Thanks!”).

I’ve personally been asked twice within a month who does my editing and notes by a couple of serious e-commerce podcasters and influencers. Clearly, Daniel’s work speaks for itself. Daniel is making a name as a podcast editor , and I’m delighted to have been one of his first clients.

Mr “O”, PLP Course Systems

Build Amazon business

Mr “O” was brought into the team by Rob to work on getting the Private Label Process course to a professional level. As you would expect of someone selected by, and trained by, Rob, Mr “O” is a fantastic guy to work with.

Detailed, conscientious, intelligent – I’m humbled by the level of work delivered by this man in sometimes challenging conditions. This is a man who doesn’t let a mere monsoon get in the way of delivering edited videos!

So far, you’ll have seen his work only if you’re a Private Label Course member; but we’ll be bringing him into other systems over the coming months.

Why the mystery? Simple. Mr “O” is too valuable for us to share with other Amazon Sellers – so we’re keeping his identity to ourselves!

About me personally

Having been a musician and music teacher for a couple of decades, I got tired of the low pay (and bored with watching small children try to play the piano in my piano teaching!).

I discovered the Amazon Private Label opportunity and loved the creativity of being an online entrepreneur, as well as the time freedom it gives once it’s up and running.

Why the Podcast started

I’ve always loved listening to intelligent “talk” radio (mostly Radio 4) and that has been expanded to include a great liking for listening to business podcasts over the last decade. I have been very inspired by many great business podcasts and blogs over the last few years, like those by Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin.

Although there are now many other good podcasts about selling  on Amazon in the USA,  they are all aimed at US based sellers. There seemed to be no podcast specifically for  Sellers who live in the UK selling in the USA and/or in the UK. So, I decided to create it!

The Podcast in 2019

Although there are finally a couple of decent UK based podcasts out there, I believe there is room for our approach.

Others focus more on the latest ranking hacks, and generally marketing and traffic. This is, of course a critical area, which is why we do address it as a topic area. Nonetheless, it’s our belief (and experience) that a wider range of topics is going to help our sellers best get started on Amazon.

Through my work with the 10K Collective Mastermind, I’ve also realised that there is a need for a set of expert interviews for those with substantial turnover. In response to that, we are preparing to launch the 10K Collective Podcast as a sister podcast. We’ve already interviewed our first 5 experts and are revving up our engines to go!

I bring you all my learnings, synthesised into the  Private Label Process so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

I bring you my mistakes, and the tougher experiences (generalised and anonymous of course) those of other clients (and without ever breaking confidentiality), so you don’t have to repeat them.

And I tell you what’s working now for the real power insiders, so you can duplicate it quickly and without wasted effort.

Have Fun Building Your Business – and do make use of all the free resources we offer you!


Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA host

Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA Host