Amazon Canada for US Amazon Sellers with Kevin Sanderson - Amazing FBA - How to sell on Amazon UK
Amazon Canada for US Amazon Sellers with Kevin Sanderson

Kevin Sanderson live/podcast Ep 1 Expanding internationally and Canada focus

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Amazon Europe for US Sellers

Selling in UK

Kevin Sanderson of Maximizing Ecommerce, Amazon seller, a podcaster and consultant for international expansion via Amazon   

  • Why Selling internationally is an insurance policy on your business
  • Why  Etsy eBay didn’t work etc.
  • Did over $130K outside the USA
  • How Kevin added About 30-35% on top of US sales
  • Now over 70% of his sales are in Europe and Canada

USA  current situation – what’s hit hard in Covid19

  • Buying a lot of groceries “essentials”
  • Kevin’s products are “non-essential”
  • Why march 1 doesn’t tell you what Sept 1

Why expand internationally?

3 channels add 10-15%

Cut risk by ⅓

Why expand to Amazon Canada

  • Canada It’s simple and similar to how Canada works
  • GST is added on top of selling price like sales tax is in the USA
  • How to expand to Canada
  • Take a small batch in the USA
  • Is it worth sending it all into USA or send all of it straight to Canada?
  • Amazon won’t bother shipping across a border
  • you as seller need to be importer of record
  • Get a tax record in Canada

Inbound shipping

  • Under the dropdown – go to the Canadian store
  • make sure your products are offered there (listings)
  • go to manage inventory, create shipment,
  • Go to the last screen in the US, Amazon offers UPS labels
    • You just get an FBA label to put on each box
    • You get a label to ship to UPS or freight forwarder

Freight forwarders

  • A lot have a mindset of going point A to point B
  • “We’ll help you register for
    • Importer number
    • Tax number- at least $30K CAD, $22K USD
      • You are supposed to register for sales tax and you get credits

If you have a freight forwarder use that relationship

if not, just use UPS

  • Put in your address as origin address
  • Use promo code EASY or FAST – saves 40%
  • Also, you get on the radar for UPS! – offer discounts
  • Put in a commercial invoice
    • if you don’t include it, they’ll call you!
    • if you don’t set up UPS as a customs broker, they might ask you
      • they’ll offer that too
  • Canadian government want you to send things in
    • Call them at the Canadian registry if you have questions