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January 10, 2024

Unlock Success: Your Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Program Guide to Recruit Affiliates

You’ve set up your Amazon affiliate program, products are ready, commissions are tempting, but your inbox is eerily quiet. Where are the eager affiliates, the brand advocates, the traffic champions you envisioned? Fear not, e-commerce warriors, for this guide unlocks the secrets to recruiting the perfect allies for your Amazon success story.

[00:00:00] Introduction to the Importance of Flexibility in Commission Rates and Sending Products to Influencers for Effective Promotion
[00:02:26] Discussion on Recruiting Affiliates and the Three-Pronged Approach for Scaling the Program
[00:03:40] Emphasizing the Use of a Network or Marketplace (Like Levanta) to Access a Large Pool of Affiliates
[00:04:16] Insights into the Outbound Recruitment Strategy, Including Using a Tool to Filter and Send Personalized Invitations to Potential Affiliates
[00:05:07] Importance of Being Flexible with Commission Rates and Sending Products, Especially for Influencers and Content Creators
[00:06:06] Discussion on Creating Compelling Offers for Affiliates, Including the Concept of Offering a Lifetime Supply of Products
[00:08:42] The Significance of Building Relationships with Affiliates and How Goodwill Plays a Crucial Role in Affiliate Partnerships
[00:12:12] Explanation of External Recruitment Strategy, Involving Discovery, Outreach, and Activation to Bring in New Affiliates
[00:18:24] The Third Prong, a Passive Strategy for Brands With an Omni-Channel Presence, Involving Promoting the Amazon Affiliate Program on Their Websites
[00:23:21] Summary of Levanta’s Role in Automating Affiliate Program Management and Information

The 3-Pronged Approach to Affiliate Recruitment:

  1. Network Advantage: Leverage established platforms like Levanta to access a pre-vetted pool of affiliates. Filter by audience size, niche, and engagement to find your perfect match. Remember, personalization trumps mass blasts! Be flexible with commission rates and consider product gifts for influencers.

  2. Beyond the Network: Don’t limit yourself! Actively seek out affiliates through external marketing. Use discovery tools, personalize your outreach (DMs, LinkedIn, emails), and track your efforts. Levanta offers a branded signup link, streamlining the onboarding process for your recruits.

  3. Make it Visible: Place your affiliate signup link prominently across your online presence. Include it on your DTC website, social media profiles, and even Amazon listing descriptions. Accessibility is key to attracting potential partners.

Building Relationships, Not Just Commissions:

While financial incentives are important, remember, genuine connections create long-term success. Offer exclusive deals, early access to new products, and even lifetime supply options for top performers. Go beyond CPA – consider flat fees for valuable affiliates.

Navigating the Amazon Affiliate Landscape:

Unlike the Wild West of early internet advertising, the Amazon ecosystem offers built-in fraud protection. Focus on finding quality affiliates who align with your brand and target audience, rather than worrying about scams. Don’t be afraid to work with smaller influencers – their dedicated communities can offer surprising results.

Levanta: Your Affiliate Management Ally:

Levanta streamlines affiliate onboarding, tracking, communication, and management. Imagine automated workflows, detailed reports, and a dedicated support team, all under one roof.

Empower Your Brand with the Power of Affiliates:

Download Levanta’s free ebooks:

Don’t wait, activate your free Levanta trial today and unlock the explosive potential of affiliate marketing! Use the code “AMAZING” for a 20% discount on your first month of Levanta!

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