Amazon Advertising (AMS) Power Principles Part 2 of 2 - Amazing FBA - How to sell on Amazon UK
Amazon Advertising (AMS) Power Principles Part 2 of 2

Okay, so you’re an Amazon 3rd Party Seller and you’ve decided that using Amazon ads (formerly AMS) could boost your sales and your business. Now how to start?

You could plunge into the 100s of technical podcasts, blog posts and youtube videos. But if you’re new to the whole ad platform, that’s going to be overwhelming. Instead, let us walk you through the basics and give some simple but battle-tested guiding principles for practical action to boost your sales.

You’ll learn

  • How long tail keywords can win you big markets…over time
  • Why advertising matters – and what it CAN’T do for you…
  • The 3 main ways that Amazon ads help your product rank organically
  • Why this “second order” effect is your PRIMARY goal with Amazon ads
  • The “red herring” metric to AVOID using – and what to use instead
  • The most cost effective way to use Amazon Sponsored Brands
  • The power of video ads and how they fit into the Amazon ad world
  • Evaluating your personal style and how this impacts your ad strategy
  • Jason’s “Magic Trick” to get cheap exposure for your brand

Resources on Amazon Advertising

Interviews with Amazon Ads experts on 10K Collective podcast: