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#93 How the two As changed my life

A decade ago, I was a humble, indeed, humiliated double glazing salesman. I learnt a lot from it but I hated it. I had no life, little money and hung out with boring or outright unpleasant people.

A decade on, I’m earning a living online, I can work from wherever I want and I get to hang out with successful entrepreneurs, including legitimate millionaires.

So what changed? Two As – Action and Amazon!

Amazon is an amazing opportunity. It’s tough, it takes time, effort and real money. But it’s an amazing business model nonetheless. But you have to take action to get results.

Often the issue is – what action? If you’re drowning in knowledge from Podcasts and Facebook groups, the first thing is – connect with other entrepreneurs! A small facebook group is a good start. But sooner or later, you probably need a face to face mastermind of your peers (like the one I run ). Don’t suffer alone and don’t stay online 24/7 – connect to others in the same situation and get into action!