#83 What 2 hairdressers can teach Amazon entrepreneurs - Amazing FBA - Grow your 7-Figure Amazon Business
#83 What 2 hairdressers can teach Amazon entrepreneurs

#83 Episode -Why your customer chooses you.

Differentiation -example: Hairdressers in Haslemere

  1. Think like a customer – go shopping for products like your own.
  2. First impression -look and feel (brand part one)
  3. Quality – perception and experience.
  4. Positioning (cheap and cheerful/expensive/exclusive)
  5. What people say about you (brand part two aka reputation)
  6. If they can’t differentiate on either they will shop on price
  7. Amazon is not the high street. Comparisons are near instant and brutal!So it’s even more important for us to differentiate than on the high street.

Part of the **Summer Series** of bite-sized chunks of Amazon Strategic Goodness!

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