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January 25, 2021

5 Tips To Optimize Your Listing And Rank Higher

Amazon is the biggest online store in the world with its CEO, Jeff Bezos, being the richest man on earth. In the first quarter of 2020, Amazon brought in 75.5 billion dollars in sales revenue alone. Amazon has become a means of selling products online for small businesses that are unable to do so on their own. On average, small businesses sell about 4000 products per minute on Amazon.

What is Amazon Product Listing?

An Amazon product listing is a page for each of your products with their ranking according to the information you have specified about these products. This information includes product titles, product images, and even product prices.

How does a Higher Rank in Listing Help Your Products?

High ranked products on amazon have more exposure which translates into having more customers. Thus, your amazon product ranking can make or break your online business as it determines the success of your products on amazon.

Using Listing Optimization to Your Advantage

It is important to use Amazon Listing Optimization techniques when you want your products to rank higher on Amazon. Proper optimization not only helps your products get more exposure but also helps create a certain rep that is trustworthy in the eyes of your customers. Your products appear professional and desirable to the customers which helps generate more sales revenue.

How to Optimize Your Listing & Rank Higher?

Here are the five key components that play a huge role in your product listing.

  • Product title
  • Product images
  • Product videography
  • Product description
  • Key product features


1. Optimized Product Title

The product title is a key distinguishing feature of your product according to the Amazon algorithm. The first five words of your product title make up the canonical URL of your product. It plays an essential role in making your product rank higher on the product listings. Amazon allows about 250 characters, including spaces, for product titles however only a minimum of 200 characters should be used as there is a suppression clause in the algorithm which suppresses titles longer than 200.


Tips for Optimizing Your Product Title

  • Your product title should have a minimum of 80 and a maximum of 200 characters. The best length is 100-150 characters for your product.
  • The first five words of your title should be relevant to your product.
  • Do not use generic words in the first 80 characters.
  • Be sure to capitalize the first letter of each word and not the entire word.
  • Include important information about your product in the title like your brand name, model, size, quantity, colors, etc.
  • Avoid any mention of symbols, promotional messages, or product price in the title.


2. Optimized Product Images

Product images help your product to stand out and visually engage your customer into clicking. Each image should be high-quality, professional-looking, and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Amazon allows up to nine product images to be added of which one image is considered as the lead image, the picture that will show up on search engine results. Around 62% of all high ranking products have 5-8 HD pictures. A good number of pictures for a high rank for your product is 6 product images.


Tips for Optimizing Your Product Images

  • All product images should showcase the product clearly with proper focus.
  • Your product should occupy at least 85% of the image area according to Amazon.
  • Your product images should be high-quality with a minimum size of about 1,000 pixels in width and 500 pixels in height.
  • Your images should also demonstrate the size of your product clearly.
  • Make sure to include at least one image of your product in use.
  •  Also include multiple product images in front of an all-white background from all angles.


3. Optimized Product Videography

As of September 2020, Amazon allows sellers and vendors to add product videos. This feature is available for all US sellers and vendors as well as EU and UK vendors only. All brand-registered sellers can utilize this feature to add optimized product videography which increases their conversion rate by 80%. Most customers have expressed how product videos help them make buying decisions 90% of the time. However, optimizing your product video can be quite tricky especially if you do not have videography experience. Fortunately, there are Amazon Product Videography Services that can showcase your product to look appealing.


Tips for Optimizing Your Product Videography

  • Showcase your product in use in your product videography.
  • Make sure that your video displays your product from all angles, viewed over an all-white background.
  • The product videos should be in high-definition.
  • Highlight physical attributes or features of your product in your product videography.
  • Add relevant captions to your product videography to make your product listing appear professional.


4. Optimized Product Description

Product descriptions are what your customers skim through when they are interested in buying your product. Optimization of product description includes search engine optimization and keyword usage. Amazon allows 2000 characters, including spaces, to showcase your product in words. This is the deciding factor on whether your product is better than the competition in your customer’s eyes. According to the analysis of high ranked products on Amazon, the optimum number of words for your product description is 250+.

Tips for Optimizing Your Product Description

  • The product description should consist of short and easy to grasp sentences.
  • Your description should be relevant to your product images and videography.
  • Make sure to highlight the key information which might help make your product look better than the competition.
  • Do not oversell your product, mislead your customers nor include your company information.
  • The product description should have relevant keywords without disruption of flow in the clarity of the text.
  • Use HTML to break up paragraphs but avoid HTML tags altogether.
  • Do not include testimonials or quotes in your product description.


5. Optimized Key Product Features

Key product features include the additional information that your customer might find useful when looking into buying your product. This helps distinguish your product from the competition and showcases the uses as well as the benefits of your product. Amazon allows 1000 characters for key product features. It is important to show your product features in bullets for easy readability. According to the Amazon algorithm, only the first 1000 characters are ranked in the product listing. Hence, having five bullet points of 200 characters each would help your product rank higher as all bullet points would be listed.


Tips for Optimizing Your Key Product Features

  • The bullet points should be of the following types; attention-getting, stating your product benefits, stating your product’s physical features, and informational.
  • Make sure to highlight the top five features of your product.
  • The overall tone should be consistent with the entire product listing.
  • Avoid inclusion of price, company, and shipping information.
  • The optimum number of bullet points is five with each having about two hundred characters.
  • All key product features should be easy to understand and not too wordy.
  • All important features should be listed in your key product features.


All-in-one Amazon Listing Optimization Solution

To get the best possible ranking for your products, it is imperative to optimize your product listing. It can be quite a bit handful, however, if you are not experienced in digital marketing tactics. Fortunately, there are many services available that help in the Amazon Listing Optimization of your products and showcase your products with the help of Amazon Product Videography Services.


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