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5 Easiest E-Businesses to Start That Require Little or No Money

Everyone dreams of finding that freedom that comes with being your own boss, but what type of businesses are the easiest to launch? E-businesses of course! Here are some that don’t require a lot to start up and get running.



Blogging might not sound like a real e-business but try telling that to the tax office. Bloggers have become big business in the last 10 years and some of the bigger names are bringing in thousands of dollars each month in revenue. And as blogging has gotten bigger, more people have tried to cash in on it. You may be put off by people claiming that blogs are dead but there are thousands of bloggers who say different. Research how to monetize a blog and discover how some of the biggest names have made their money. There are plenty of blog posts about making those first months count and how to grow as a blogger.

Self Publish a Book

This one almost goes hand-in-hand with blogging. However, not all bloggers write e-books, and not all e-books are written by bloggers. Writing e-books has become a lucrative industry as people try to crack the code of creating books for profit. There are many people who have created their own niche market of self-published books with an engaged audience. If you think you have something interesting to say and believe you can create a book out of the subject, then you could try your hand at writing and self-publishing.

Start a Franchise

Being part of a franchise has many different benefits. For one, you will have the backing of a big name behind you when you launch. You don’t have to worry about going it alone as many provide training to ensure you succeed with what you are doing. Franchise Direct has a range of options that include internet-based options. Being part of a franchise does not mean setting up a store and having employees if you don’t want to.

An E-Commerce Store

Dropshipping is becoming a very popular way to connect business owners with supplies and making it easy to earn money. All you need to do is decide the niche group that you want to sell to and set up your store. You don’t even need to handle the goods, they come directly from the supplier. It can be tricky to make a profit if you don’t know what you are doing but with a little guidance, you can easily make thousands every month.

Become a YouTube Star

A few years ago, everyone thought that YouTube was over when they announced that they were cutting the ad revenue to smaller YouTubers. However, the opposite happened. As all of the smaller channels were shut down, anyone who was serious about YouTube upgraded the content on their channel. Overall, the viewers got a better experience which is what YouTube had intended. If you have an idea for a channel, a camera, and some patience, you could break out as the newest YouTube star.