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#5 Amazon Seller Central Setup

This episode is the 3rd of the 10-part series The Amazing FBA Startup System.

If you have any questions, I’d be absolutely delighted to answer them on the podcast – just click here and leave a voicemail – or, if you prefer, write a comment. 

This episode, #5, deals with Setting up your Amazon Seller Central Account.

Most of the business setup will have been done in the previous episode #4. If you missed that, listen and  see the shownotes here.

There are just two more things to set up at this stage to have your seller central account set up – a U.S. address and a U.S. phone number.  See the show notes below for details of my recommended suppliers.  

If you’ve followed episode 4, you’ve already set up your business and brand name.  You can change pretty much anything on Seller Central at any time, so feel free to set up your account now even if you change your business name later.

You don’t have to sign up for Seller Central yet, and in fact if you’re not going to have product live for 2-3 months, there’s no point in doing this yet as you’ll be spending money (about $47/mo) on Amazon seller central fees without income.

The reason I’ve put it in at this stage is really for the psychological momentum it builds – it’s another form of commitment to your business- you’ve made an agreement and paid money to a third party outside of your head! But by all means wait until you’ve got product ordered and on its way to the USA before you go ahead with this process if you prefer.

The two options for selling on Amazon are “Individual” and “Professional”. The latter will cost you $39.99/mo plus VAT (if you’re UK or EU based) so about $47 total. However, there is little point in doing this business in the expectation of selling 10-20 units a month, so I suggest when you do sign up, you go straight for the “Professional” level..

Resources & Tools 

U.S. Addresswww.myaddressus.com  (for customer service/returns).

This is actually just a one-off 5 dollar fee for the basic level service. You can see straight away on the link what you get but it includes receiving and storing parcels for up to 30 days. Great value.

U.S. Phone number www.skype.com “Skype Number”

(for customer service calls) I’ve used this for months now and it has worked well. It costs about £4 a month – again, good value. You will pay call charges when you use this to call the USA or indeed anywhere else, but it’s very cheap.  It’s something like 1-2 cents a minute, but check that on their site. It takes me months to get through £10 in call charges. I don’t make many calls but it’s still great value.

One tip: once you’ve got a US Address, try to get a Skype number with a local code that matches your address. It’s reassuring for U.S. consumers.

As ever, if you have any questions, I’d be absolutely delighted to answer them on the podcast – just click here and leave a voicemail – or, if you prefer, a comment. 

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