#41 Amazon Q & A Tuesday 2 - US Inspection, VAT Registration and Separating Old & New Stock - Amazing FBA - How to sell on Amazon UK
#41 Amazon Q & A Tuesday 2 – US Inspection, VAT Registration and Separating Old & New Stock

#41 Q&A Tuesday No 2: Facebook Group Questions

Q1: When you import your products to Amazon from China do you get your products inspected in the USA before sending them to Amazon or do you just send them directly from China to Amazon ?

I would get them inspected in China (Pre Shipment Inspection=PSI) and then in the USA when they land (Post-Shipment Inspection). Don’t forget to put in 10% minimum spare packaging with your product so any damaged packaging can be replaced. Don’t send products in to Amazon with damaged packaging.

Q2. I’m being told you have to be VAT registered to do FBA in the UK. Is that true?

Ian: No you don’t, [if you are UK based] unless you are getting sales totalling £82,000 per year! I found one wholesaler who won’t let me register on their website because I don’t have a VAT number, but it’s probably their loss.

NOTE Michael]: This is different if your business is located outside the UK (eg the USA)

Q3: Kieran: Is it possible to get a new shipment sent to FBA and have them hold the new one until all the the old stock is sold out? Basically I have rebranded and want to clear out the stock before starting to sell the new ones

Rob Sleath: Yes you can do it. Here’s how:

1. New stock and old stock must have different SKUs. If you’ve got the FNSKU printed directly on the packaging, either change it there or have your prep company re-label.

2. Set the new stock SKU at some silly price so nobody buys. £999 or something. As soon as the stock hits the warehouse, do a fulfilment order on it and set it to hold for 2 weeks. you won’t be charged and it will make the inventory unavailable to purchase.

3. Sell through the old SKU. Keep refreshing the fulfilment hold every 2 weeks as required.

4. When old stock sells through, change the listing with the rebrand information/photos etc. then cancel the fulfilment hold and set the price to the proper level. Et voilà

Kieran Will that keep my reviews?

Rob Sleath: Yes.  The product reviews are on the ASIN and the seller reviews are for you as a seller. Neither change if you use a different SKU.


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