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#40 Amazon Marketing Mastery Mini-Series: Niche Market (Part 1 of 7)

Show notes for Episode #40

Master Marketing Principles Mini Series: Part 1 of 7


Market=Buyers (Demand) and sellers (Supply)

They work in a Marketplace like Amazon

First thing is to find DEMAND

Understand the Buyers=Shoppers=Potential Customers

You need to define a PERSON and a PAIN (or PROBLEM)

PERSON implies Demographics eg age, gender, geography

PAIN implies Psychographics eg Personal Values, Motivation to Buy, Like Quality; Value low price etc.etc.

For example A 40-year old man who live in London

He wants to see clearly at night and not have to find batteries;

high Value: time, safety.

Competition (Sellers)

Look at competition through shoppers’ eyes –

They are looking for BENEFITS eg you can see clearly at night

Not FEATURES eg special lens on your light

So translate Features into Benefit

For example:

“Special NightVision (TM) Lens  – so you can see really clearly at nigh!

Rechargeable Battery XYZ type – so it will last for longer.

No more hunting for AAA batteries!”

Be a member of your target market if possible.

But then Ask  people (e.g., in person; survey; etc) to build up a picture of your ideal customer:
WHO are they? (PERSON) WHAT do they want? (PAIN)


“Whoever understands your marketplace best, wins.”

 (Andre Chaperon of Autoresponder Madness)


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