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April 21, 2016

#39 Thinking like your Amazon Customer

Episode #39 Show Notes

This is another bigger-picture podcast. Yes, we all need to measure our numbers and do analysis. But always remember that any number is a measurement. Behind it is a customer’s actions and ultimately feelings!

It’s all about Your Customer:

1. their motivations to shop and buy

2. Emotions driving them: Inspiration (desire) or Desperation (solve a painful problem!)

3. Extrinsic motivation (other people) e.g. peer pressure vs. Intrinsic motivation (inner, personal reasons) e.g. desire, curiosity

4. They start with an image (or sound or feeling) in their mind

5.  THEN they try to find the words for that

6. Only then does the customer start to connect to your marketing with


Your customers are not searching for your product. They are searching for the image they have in their mind.

If your product image chimes with this (or is better), that’s when they will click on your listing (if the reviews etc. look right).

In order to show up in response to a search, though, you need to get your product showing. That means optimizing your listing for, and advertising for, keywords.

This is biggest area to explore.

Most customers are not expert. So the keywords your customers may use are NOT necessarily the “correct” or “logical” words especially if they are not very expert in that product type or area.

So think like a customer. Preferably actually BE a member of your target market.

Every week or month, search for products LIKE yours as if you are an ignorant but desperate customer!

You’ll stumble across important keywords to test out. Crucially, you’ll also be in touch with your customers’ mindset.

We’re aiming for a blend of your instinct & feel for your customers and the analysis of numbers.

Upcoming Guests on the show:

Greg Mercer of Jungle Scout (Product selection)

Will Tjernlund (Strategy)

Manuel Becvar of Import Dojo (China sourcing & Freight)

Mark Carpenter of Avalava (US Sales tax)

Penny Lowe of Wellington Consulting (Accountant)


A podcast is a free downloadable audio show that enables you to learn while you’re on the go.  To subscribe to my podcast for free, you’ll need an app to listen to the show from.

For iPhone/iPad/iPod listeners – Grab your phone or device and go to the iTunes store and search “Amazing FBA”.

This will help you to download the free Podcasts App (produced by Apple) and then subscribe to the show from within that app.  Every time I produce a new episode, you’ll get it downloaded right on yt sentence.

For podcast enthusiasts – If you already listen to podcasts and have a podcatcher that you prefer, the feed you’ll need to add is: http:// amazingfba.com/feed/podcast.

For those who don’t have a mobile device – You can always listen to the show by clicking the audio file at the top of this page.

If you have any queries, just go to www.amazingfba.com/ask

Watch Thinking Like Your Amazon Customer

[video_page_section type=”youtube” position=”bottom” image=”” btn=”light” heading=”” subheading=”” cta=”” video_width=”1080″ hide_related=”false” hide_logo=”false” hide_controls=”false” hide_title=”false” hide_fullscreen=”false”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie8lwjV3lyw&feature=youtu.be[/video_page_section]

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    1. HI Anila – you’re right, I’d forgotten the cliffhanger!
      They were special liqueurs. 2. They were almost right. 3. Yes, she was happy and forgave me!

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