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April 14, 2016

#37 How Vision is the key to your Amazon Business

Episode #37 is a wide-ranging, 50,000 foot view of business. It is a mindset episode and not necessarily for beginners if you are finding it hard to focus on step by step actions. But it could be for you if you feel that you can’t see the wood for the trees!

Amazon is an amazing vehicle for achieving your business goals; but it is just a vehicle. Be prepared to use other vehicles (eg eBay, Shopify website) as appropriate. 

Long-term, you need to have a clear Vision of the life you want for yourself. And how your business is to serve that vision. 

Also you need to have clear financial goals e.g. income goals like £2000 a month personal income to replace the day job. By the way, personal pay (dividends if you are a company owner) is not the same as Profit! Which is not the same as Revenue (=Turnover=Sales) either!

But that is not the same as your “Reason Why” – for example, becoming financially independent; buying your mother a new home; sending your children to university; etc.

This gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you motivated through the tough times. So it needs to be individual to you, real, and strong. And you need to remind yourself of it every day. 

Also be clear: as well as what your business will give you, what do you want to give? And most importantly, who do you want to help? (your customers).

Connect with your customers/clients! Find out what they want – then go get it for them!

If you take the same path to your goal as everyone else, it will be very crowded! This is so true for Amazon Private Labelling now. Ultimately don’t just try to follow an existing roadmap. Everyone is copying the obvious routes.

Instead, be your own cartographer – try to find uncharted territory and then create your own roadmap. This is the ultimate entrepreneur’s job! Be courageous and use your imagination and find your own routes to your ultimate goal. 

The clearer you are about why you’re in business – what you want to get out of it and what you want to give, who you are in business to help – the clearer that will be to your customers. 

Resources mentioned in the Podcast:
Survey Monkey for doing a survey of your customers (SO worthwhile, I wish I had done lots more and much earlier).  Surveys of up to 10 Questions are free.

André Chaperon’s Autoresponder Madness for really sophisticated Email Marketing (I’m just beginning to plot this out for my own business).  Not for beginners but fascinating and powerful. I’ll be exploring this over the coming months so I’ll let you know how it works out!

At least sign up for his email lists. Read every single one. (really!) And analyse what he’s doing. They are an education in themselves on marketing. Very clever stuff.


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Watch How Vision Is the Key to Your Amazon Business

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  1. Hi Michael

    Great reminder of the big picture

    Also the difference b/w the reason why and your vision.

    I do struggle with the “The reason Why”

    I tried to leave a review on iTunes but I could only do a general one and not podcast specific. if you can send me link to the recent podcast review leaving place, then I can do that

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Anila. I just created a page especially to help you leave an iTunes review. It’s here (or look on the Menu bar for “leave an iTunes Review”)

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