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306 Private Label Launch with Sean Elias of Helium10 Part 2

In this part of the conversation with Sean Elias of Helium10, we discuss more of the tools offered by Helium10, and important steps in the private label launch process. To hear part 1 of this interview, please to

Using Helium10 Before Investing in a Product

  • Start with Blackbox and X-Ray, previously covered in part 1
  • Review Downloader – To extract reviews, which you can use to filter and analyze product reviews to find the flaws of a competitor’s product
  • Magnet – The largest database of amazon keywords and search data in order to determine the best keywords for your listing
  • Cerebro – Use this to reveal the keywords that your top competitors are using and what they are indexed for
  • Scribbles – Will organize each phrase and keyword by importance and color code it, to make sure you put that information in your listing.
    • Tip, it is important to include certain keywords and phrases in multiple sections of your listing.
  • Keyword Tracker – To track the ranking of keywords so you can get to page 1

Other Helpful Tools of Helium10 for Private Label Launch

  • Index Checker – Before running a PPC campaign, paste all keywords in your listing in this tool to let you know if your product ranks for that keyword.
  • Hijacker Alert – Alert you if someone jumps on your listing
  • Inventory Protector – Will set the max order limit, which you can do in Amazon, but it is also included in the suite of tools on Helium10
  • Profits – Details all your profits and financial information
  • Refund Genie – Reimbursement assistant that extracts the reports that Amazon has notated of them damaging their items to get a refund on that amount, particularly important for bigger sellers

General Tips

  • Don’t overlook the size and weight of the product
  • Order samples and your competitor’s products, and make sure the weight and package size isn’t larger than your competitors
    • If yours is larger/heavier, it may cost you more, and you won’t make as much as, or more money, than your competitor
  • For discounted items, you have to put a max order limit. To make sure a scammer doesn’t buy your product for cheap and then resell it.

Amazon Ads

  • At this point, you know what keywords you want to use and are trying to rank for, so you are going to want to put these in a manual campaign in your Amazon account
  • Automatic Campaign, for a suggested amount, I would recommend $30 per day
    • Check it every day
    • Three days after launching download the report to see what keywords Amazon has found that are converting for you.
    • Export the keywords which aren’t working well for you, and enter that information into the Amazon negative keywords section.
    • Once you do that, you are narrowing down your list to be more specific to the keywords that convert for your product, reducing the money spent on PPC and increasing your sales

Helium10 Plans

Different services are available in different plans.

Platinum Plan

Most popular option, which includes everything

Diamond Plan

Upgraded plan in which three others can have access, such as a V.A., and you can manage their access to different tools of Helium10

Bonuses for Amazing FBA Signups

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