#30 My most recent Amazon Product Mistakes - Amazing FBA - How to sell on Amazon UK
#30 My most recent Amazon Product Mistakes

This Episode, #30, has been prompted by my own life recently! Another Pure Tactics episode, based on learning from my mistakes!


        1. Product A
          1. Unclear Niche Market choice – trying to straddle two markets/two basic function areas
          2. Because of this, overpricing relative to the competition only fulfilling one basic function 
          3. Not clearly differentiating between the launch phase and the “profitability” phase ie seeing if organic plus PPC sales made sense without giveaways
          4. restocking something that
            1. was selling slowly
            2. wasn’t selling profitably
          5. not checking profitability thoroughly before restocking
          6. Tying up capital in a slow moving product
        2. Product B
          1. letting a profitable, fast moving product get out of stock
          2. not tracking everything including whether FBAI had sent my stock off to Amazon via UPS!


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