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296 Virtual Assistants for Amazon sellers

Using Virtual Assistants in online selling 

I’ve had 3 great uses for Virtual assistants recently. They are examples from the Amazing FBA podcast. But they could equally apply, with a little strategic thinking, to any online business. That certainly includes Amazon selling/e-commerce.

Virtual Assistant 1: Daniel (American)  who edits the podcast

Strategic reason for use:

  • driving traffic, in this case influencer marketing as an influencer.

Example tasks for Amazon sellers:

  • Paying someone to create a guest article. You could then offer it to multiple blog owners. You can even pay blog owners to put an article on your article. I’ve been offered this recently as a blog owner for example.
  • Paying someone to reach out to influencers like bloggers, podcasters, instagrammers, Youtubers etc.

Lessons learned:

It’s about cost per completed task rather than cost per hour

Virtual Assistant 2: helping create (digital) product

Strategic reason for use:

Creating a great product and consumer experience, driving reviews thus conversions and more sales

Example tasks for Amazon sellers:

  • Paying your supplier to  create wonderful products
  • Creating extra value with digital downloads eg ebooks

Lessons learned:

  • $5 an hour DOES matter IF you’ve found a really competent person!
  • Outsourcing forces you to explain things.

That explanation can be turned into a file of some kind, and create an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). You can make it into a google doc or Google Sheet.

Or you can turn it into a Trello task or even a whole Trello board (Asana is another popular alternative). That can then be reused if you do the same task again, or for future virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistant 3: Joanna  – Poland – designing PDF download

Strategic reasons for using designer

  • Driving consumer satisfaction when using product. This drives reviews, which in turn drives better conversions.

Example tasks  for Amazon sellers:

  • Creating great packaging
  • Creating great infographics for your listing, driving conversions

Lessons learned:

  • DIY design looks amateurish, so it’s not going to create a strong brand impression (thus weaker pricing).
  • Great design is part of high value perception. This is part of getting a higher price and the start of brand loyalty too.
  • Expensive upfront in terms of hourly rate can still be justified IF it leads over time to higher value perception. Higher prices often mean more profit too.
  • In a crowded marketplace, great visual elements are CRITICAL

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