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December 5, 2018

295 Split Testing For Amazon Sellers

Questions that sellers ask typically pertain to how to make a listing the best it can be to increase ranking and conversions. Today I am sharing the importance of split testing to make the biggest impact on your listings.

This content is based on the RARE launch plan. This is a new service I am providing to assist with a new launch, largely benefiting sellers who have products on order or have products on Amazon, and they need a plan to launch it.

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Questions that everyone asks when it comes to creating the most effective listing:

  • “What is the best headline for my products?”
  • “What image should I be using?”
  • “What should I write in my bullet points to get sales?”

The answer to these questions can be found in two ways, model and test.


A common starting point of creating a listing is to model the methods and information of competitive listings. This can be effective and is likely to work in some degree.

Split Testing

Testing, will give you the best information on how to make the largest impact with your listing, which will then have an impact on your conversion and review rates. There are two split testing platforms I recommend to maximize the effectiveness of your listing.


Splitly allows you to test for 4 different aspects of a listing: price, title, main photo, and bullet points within a listing.

  • Price: The price of an item makes a massive difference on Amazon. By testing different price points on this platform, you can determine the right price to maximize profits. For example, you may find that you make more money by selling a widget at $25 than at $27 because you’re moving more units sold.
  • Title: The wording of a title does not have as large of an impact as price, but the keywords included can have a profound effect on your ranking, and therefore, your sales. This factor is particularly important if you’re launching.
  • Main photo: By running a split test, you can see if a change in the main photo produces better results.
  • Bullet Points: Testing the effectiveness of bullet points is important but is the last thing to test for because you don’t see them until you click on the listing. However, it can be extremely effective in increasing your conversion rate. For example, a member of the 10k collective got a conversion rate increase from 30%-38% just by changing the characters and writing with a more excited tone of voice and didn’t even change the keywords they were targeting. Those results may not be typical, but it goes to show the importance of split testing and making adjustments

Email Testing

The primary purpose of what we’re trying to do with email autoresponders is to get reviews. If you use the right software, such as OptIn Monster, you can split test the open rates of different subject lines. A 2%-3% review rate is typical. However, if you can get more people to open the email with an enticing headline, you will see an increase in review rate. With an increase in review rate, the effects of a negative review are less likely to pull your average down. So be sure with a subject line to invoke curiosity and fear of missing out in order to see an increase in review rate.

Email follow up software: managebystats.com/

Watch Split Testing For Amazon Sellers

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