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293 Amazon Business Reports – Making sense of the numbers after Launching

After all the months of effort spent on researching, sourcing and launching your private label product, it’s tempting to feel your work is done.

In fact, it is completely vital to measure your numbers. They say that a business that doesn’t know how much money it is making or losing is a business that may be about to go under. This is just as true for an Amazon or private label business.

It’s not just true for financials either; you MUST understand your marketing numbers (business report and Search Term Reports, a special type of Amazon ad report) in order to guide your decision – making. 

In this episode, Michael covers some critical numbers you need to track and why they are matter so much. What we cover includes:

  • Why your Amazon seller statistics matter in the first place
  • The number hardly any new sellers know – but it’s probably the most important number on Seller Central!
  • How to make sense of Amazon ad statistics

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