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November 2, 2018

285 Chatbots for Amazon Sellers with Paul Harvey of Seller Chatbot


Paul Harvey eCommerce seller and co-founder of Seller Chatbot
Paul had used ManyChat – it’s fantastic but has a very long learning curve (2-3 months)
He wanted something specifically for eCommerce.
Paul developed Seller Chatbot for himself. Then he made it available to clients via Beta.
Now it’s about to become available to the general public.

What is a chatbot?

(Wikipedia definition here)
It’s connected with Messenger type systems. It’s basically an artificial intelligence programmed to respond to various text with new text.
[A bit like Siri for iPhone users – but in typed form – Michael]

Messenger comes in a few forms:

Wechat, WhatsApp (opened by Facebook ), Facebook messenger
WeChat in China can already be used order groceries etc. that’s what Facebook wants to be.
A platform for business owners to sell things to consumers.
They want messenger to be the be all and end all.
That’s why it’s so busy now.
Say have 10,000 subs on chatbot – messaging is still so new.
Now it’s easy.
Right now on messenger 80-90% open rate.
cf. email 20% is good.
You can also send those customers to your own ecommerce website.
You can do payments via messenger – you can buy your stock via messenger cutting out Amazon.
Facebook will soon offer fulfilment options.

Missing opportunities

When Instagram first launched, it was amazing for building an audience for a brand. Now it’s more competitive.
If you feel you missed out on that, you’re in the right place.
Chatbots will be bigger than Instagram – and it’s in its infancy right now.

What do you use it for?

For Amazon selling

Search and buy – organically – this is the most powerful.
Automated services will emulate that with bots etc.
Amazon knows what is happening and nothing is as effective as a real person.
With a chatbot, you can give them instructions.
It’s all automated – but you can keep it entertaining!
Say 80% off
Facebook ad -> messenger bot with auto messages
Click link – bot – GIFs, crack jokes, entertain them/.
50% off offer
80% off – which one would you prefer?
Always 80%
“There’s a catch” GIF –
The catch is if I give the 50% off offer, direct to Amazon
For 80% off, I need you to search
95% of people chose 80% off offer
They are happy to do the extra work.

Flow 2

You could just do “here’s the coupon”
Let’s say they don’t buy the product
Next day
“Did you get our product”
If no – don’t worry, we have 2 hours left
Then “If not interested”
“Why?| price, marketing, photos etc.
People tell you and you can fine-tune the process


One lady – husband walked out on her – no money
“We got you, I’m sending you two products free of charge.”
That lady didn’t leave a review but is now the best brand ambassador.
Move now!
This window won’t last long – marketers will jump on it!

Getting the marketing style right

Paul Hired an assistant who is 23 to monitor the chatbot conversations.
If someone goes off on a tangent, she’ll leap in and intervene.
She can do her job lying in bed on her phone!
From a customer POINT OF VIEW, they see a seamless blend of bot and assistant.
They do make a joke about it. But people are quickly becoming accustomed to the mix.

Customer comfort with chatbots

27% of users in the USA will buy a basic product via chatbot
13% will even buy an expensive one!
So people are comfortable enough with chatbots to spend real money.

Growth of chatbots

There are 300,000 active chatbots now.
“Bots builder” is now a job
But there are over 6 million businesses on Facebook
By 2020 over 80% will be using chatbots.
In a year’s time, it will be so different. Again, now is the time to move on this.

People are now okay with bots

People are used to it now – make someone’s life easier.
Lego and Domino’s do it and are killing it.
These days a lot of websites have a chatbot in the corner, saying for example “Look at this video over here”.

What’s the best way to create an organic feeling conversation?

A couple of jokes.
Send one or two messages before you send a button – e.g. “we have a deal now; do you want it”?
Try to keep the engagement. Ask for responses.
GIFs work so well on messages so use those.

What other ways do people get rapport?

Paul was at a conference recently where the guest speaker on stage had slides on them with a link. THAT link kick-started the bot for them – right there and then! The interesting thing is that the audience engaged with their phones almost more than the speaker!

Those people are now leads for that speaker. Once they’re in the flow, they need to request to unsubscribe. So, they are leads until they decide otherwise.

How does it fit into other Amazon marketing?

What does messenger do that other things don’t?

How many emails do you have on your list?
When did you last email them?
Paul – a former maths teacher – couldn’t be bothered to write long messages.
And this is typical of many, if not most, Amazon sellers.
Chatbots are so effective right now – you can automatically get their email address – the one used to reg for Facebook – so most powerful email address.

What if Facebook bans your account?

Build up a massive sub list – AND get the email addresses.

If you’re building a business to sell

Last year Paul sold two of his Amazon businesses!
BUT he should have waited to add an engaged subscribers list – the multiple (of profit) which you can get for the business is way more than

How would you use chatbots for launch?

Paul has launched 50 products using chatbots
He sends traffic from a Facebook ad with an 80% off offer to Messenger.
There they get a coupon code and “buy now” now offer.

The magic is in the follow-up

Let’s say  3 months later, you then launch a new product.
You can reach  out to those who responded to the first campaign (remember there is currently a 90% open rate on messenger chat messages)
You might do 30% off this time.
You might have 1000-2000 subscribers by now.
Maybe 10% take your offer – that means 100-200 people buying at 30% off.

Engagement strategies

You can run contests to get Customer generated content!
E.g. “1st person to post a picture of baby girl using the product will win a product”

Other uses?

Use for reviews, launch, Viral marketing – get them to do marketing for you

Viral Marketing

You can take subscriber list from 100s to 1000s very fast.
Friends of a feather flock together  – so people often promote things to their Facebook friends.
This is something that Paul is pushing hard.
He can do it but can’t really track that at the moment – will be able to in future.
Paul is working hard to get that sorted by his software.

Seller Chatbot

How did you come to create this?

Manychat and Chatfuel are wonderful BUT…
Paul loves the technical details – most Amazon sellers Don’t !
Finances and time are the big limitations for Amazon sellers.
So Paul wanted his own chatbot platform geared to the needs of ecommerce.
It started off as a necessity in their business.
Manychat is a jack of all trades – same with Chatfuel.
Manychat is a great platform BUT Learning it takes a lot of time.
That could be 2-3 months of learning!!
A lot of Amazon sellers want something quick and easy.
That’s where Seller Chat comes in.
Seller Chat is specifically for ecommerce businesses, including Amazon And Shopify.
They are now flows on the chatbot.
It’s a hot topic – Amazon people feel like they’ve missed the boat but it’s not true – yet!
Within 10 mins you can get Paul’s system.
You get all the flows and videos of how to implement it
It took Paul 4 minutes to set up a flow that got 60 sales at 80% off
AND have an Ad running on Facebook!
The aim is to make sales and blow up the sub list. That will be the biggest asset in your business because of the way messaging is going.
Paul and Anthony ARE Amazon sellers – they know what people want, best flows etc.

Do I need to be a Facebook ads expert to make it work?

If you have a cool chatbot it’s like a sports car with no petrol.
It looks nice but it’s useless!
What you need is external traffic. Facebook Ads are usually the best way with this.
Paul has taught this to clients within one hour – one client got 150 sales after a spend of £50 on an ad – never done a Facebook ad prior to that day!
You need to understand how to get people into the bot flow – and that’s it!
Target your ideal avatar – consider brands they would like.
Once in the bot, don’t reinvent the wheel, copy

Is Seller Chatbot available?

Seller Chatbot is going from Beta to live in two weeks (early Nov.)
Official live launch 2nd week November.
1 week – $59 trial
You get the workflows
Change the branding of your brand, and your copy and price – seconds

Access to videos

  • Facebook ads
  • Targetting
  • Not long painful videos
  • People get sick of it

Speeds up the learning curve – you still must learn.
Right now the buzzword is “use a chatbot”

  • FOMO
  • Too technical

Creation of the Chatbot

Amazon has given Paul so many sleepless nights.
Chatbot was to create a bridge away from Amazon.
If you’ve built a 10,000 strong subscriber list, you can push the traffic to your own website.
Anyone who does signups – do a private webinar with nitty gritty
Link: www.amazingfba.com/chatbot

One question that comes up: Can I port over subscribers from Manychat to chatfuel?

No, you can’t sadly.  However, what you can do is plug in the chatbot in “silent mode”. That means that anyone who talks to your current chatbot you’re using will automatically be added to Seller Chatbot.

How to get hold of Paul

Or Messenger!

Other Resources:


Chris Makara is an Interactive Marketing and Digital Strategist that also specializes in Chatbots.

Watch Chatbots for Amazon Sellers with Paul Harvey of Seller Chatbot

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