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283 Mindset Part 2: Inside Out – Strategic Entrepreneurship

On this episode of Amazing FBA, it’s time to talk mindfulness. If you’re going to become a successful Amazon seller, you’re going to need to a mindful strategy. Whether it’s Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, or Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, there are lessons we can learn from 20th century business literature regarding mindfulness through the eyes of the entrepreneur. Covey talks in detail about ‘Character Ethics’. These include principles like Integrity, Humanity, Fidelity, Courage, Patience, Simplicity & The Golden Rule. Patience is incredibly important. Don’t expect to get off the ground in only a few months.

Building a business is hard. It takes work, it takes persistence, and it takes a genuine dedication to a set of principles followed by all successful entrepreneurs. These are the principles of strategic entrepreneurship. Principles are not values. Anyone can have values. This episode will help you to build a process for building a philosophy for growing your business. Hope is not a strategy. Success is not an accident.

“To relate effectively… to working associates, we must learn to listen. And this requires emotional strength. Listening involves patience, openness and a desire to understand – highly developed qualities of character.”

Be a strategic entrepreneur. Pay close attention to the lessons in this episode. They will be the building blocks for your future success. I cover everything from communication to time management through the lens of an Amazon seller.


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