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279 Off Amazon Traffic Optimization with Mike Zagare Part 2 of 2

On the last episode of Amazing FBA, I sat down with Mike Zagare of PPC Entourage to talk about Amazon pay-per-click advertising, but Mike’s expertise isn’t limited to the Amazon sphere. Diversifying distribution and marketing channels is crucial for scaling your brand. Today we’ll be diving into off Amazon traffic and advertising for Amazon sellers.

On this episode, Mike and I will be discussing:

How vital off Amazon traffic is (3:49).

  • Only 50-55% of Amazon Traffic is Internal
  • Google Accounts for 30-33%
  • Affiliate Sites Account for 7-10%
  • Social Media Accounts for 3-4%

How to take advantage of off Amazon traffic (7:53).

It’s essential to first dial in your listing, and then dial in your internal placement on Amazon.  Optimize your PPC and your headline search ads. Once your listing is in good shape, then it’s time to dive into Google.

Head over to Google and in the search bar type:

Site: ‘ keyword)’ to see if Google has indexed your specific product page. If it has, drive traffic to that link in any way you can to improve your Google search rank position.  

Optimizing your listings for Google (10:47).

  • Use to Research Search Volume
  • Upload a PDF into your Amazon Seller Central with Popular Search Terms
  • Update Your Listings with Questions Containing Search Terms
  • Rename Your Images with SEO in Mind

How to get featured on affiliate sites (13:29).

“Be the best in your category, and they’ll write articles.”

What set Mike’s product apart from the competition, and how you can take advantage of his strategies (17:13).

Influencer marketing strategies (19:01).


YouTube is the most significant outside driver of traffic for Amazon. Use Lumen5 to create a YouTube Video. Research related keywords using AnswerThePublic & Google’s Keyword Tool. Drive traffic to your site with in-video links.


Build a community. Facebook groups are an incredible place to drive traffic to your Amazon listings. Use questions to filter out unwanted members; find members who are in love with your brand. Once you’ve built a thriving community, you can leverage it to help dial in and launch new products and marketing strategies.


Manychat is a fantastic tool for building a social presence. The buzz is growing, so stay tuned for our interview coming up with Mikael Lang where we talk about the many ways Manychat can help you build your brand.

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Bonuses  for Amazing FBA Listeners:

  • Access to the blueprint for PPC management
  • Discounts for Amazing FBA listeners.
  • “Fundamentals course” for PPC
  • Headline search swipe file with 50 different swipe headlines.

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