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August 29, 2018

278 Amazon Pay Per Click Ads with Mike Zagare Part 1 of 2

Welcome back to Amazing FBA! Today I’ll be talking to Mike Zagare of PPC entourage. Mike was a physical therapist in a former life. He’d started a physical therapy practice when he was about 25 years old, and it failed miserably. A coach suggested that Mike stop spinning his wheels in PT, he found Amazon FBA in 2015, began using Amazon pay per click ads in 2016, realised that there was a vacuum in the market for an Amazon Ads optimisation tool, and created PPC Entourage. The rest is history.

On today’s episode, Mike and I will be discussing:

Mike’s background, and what led him to sell on Amazon FBA (2:42).

Tips for New Sellers Using Amazon Pay Per Click Ads (5:00):

  • Dial in Your Listing
  • Use Enhanced Brand Content
  • If You Have One Product, First Spend Your Money on the Listing
  • Model Your Top Competitors’ Keyword Strategies
  • Get Amazing Images
  • Start-Up With a Good Automatic Campaign

How to structure your ads and listings to convert (7:50).

PPC Entourage Blueprint

Why Click-Through Rate Matters (9:30).

Finding the right message to market match (11:11):

  • Amazon had 1.4 Billion Visits in May
  • Find the Most Relevant Keywords
  • Optimize for Click-Through Rate
  • Don’t use Broad Product Strategies; What Worked in 2015 Doesn’t Work Anymore

Steps to starting a discovery campaign (12:10).


  • Use Tools Like Helium 10 & Viral Launch to Pick 10-20 Manual Keywords
  • Give the Campaign Time to Collect Data, Then Optimize After about Two Weeks
  • Identify Long-Tail Search Terms
  • Eliminate Negative Exact Match Keywords to Cut Out Unnecessary Ad Spend

Search term reports vs seller central keyword tool (16:11).

Keywords vs Search Terms: Know the Difference (18:16).

Structuring Your Amazon Pay Per Click Campaigns (20:35).

The data will show you the way to a robust PPC strategy. Look at the back end to find out which listings are converting at a high rate, and optimise your ad campaigns based on those high-converting strategies. Run both automatic campaigns and manual campaigns until you’ve identified keywords that convert well. Use an ACoS scrape campaign for keywords that have made at least two orders, and break out an exact match campaign for the very best search terms. Uncapping the bid on these exact match keywords will get them as much exposure as possible.

Setting goals for your new Pay Per Click campaign (24:30).

How to integrate headline ads into your marketing strategy (27:56).

Optimizing images for headline ads and storefronts (31:41).

True ACoS: Overall Amazon Ad Spend Relative to Organic Sales + PPC Sales (33:44)

Best Practices for Amazon Pay Per Click Ads (35:00)

What PPC Entourage Does for Amazon Sellers (38:17)

Final Thoughts:

Pay-per-click advertising on Amazon can be overwhelming. Whether you’re using a tool like PPC Entourage or you’re setting up your campaigns manually, you’re going to need a strategy.

For sellers with substantial scaling goals, outsourcing or automating PPC implementation is a must. Once you’ve come up with a plan, be aggressive. Get that flywheel spinning. If ad generated sales aren’t boosting your organic sales, something needs to change. Enlist the help of an Amazon advertising tool like PPC Entourage. It can save you time, and in the long run, money.

Make sure to tune in for part two of this interview with Mike where we dig into the specifics of off-Amazon traffic.

Watch Amazon ADs and Optimization with Mike Zagare Part 1 of 2

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