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August 16, 2018

275 Entrepreneurial Mindset: How to Deal with Overwhelm

Today on Amazing FBA we’re going to talk about something to which all business owners can relate. Entrepreneurship can be overwhelming. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is essential to scaling your business, regardless of what business that might be.

We’ve all felt buried by the menial, and not so menial tasks, which fill up our days. This feeling is normal, but there are some strategies that you can use to overcome the feeling of drowning so many of us experience in our lives as entrepreneurs. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be on your way to higher productivity and more extended periods of focus in no time.

1.) Accept that you’re feeling overwhelmed & cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset.  

If you’re ambitious, you’re probably going to bite off more than you can chew at some point. If this applies to you, embrace it. Maintain your focus, and address what’s in front of you. Remember, entrepreneurship is a mentality. It’s up to you to cultivate that entrepreneurial mindset.

2.) Reset your brain via your body.

Some of the best ways to address a tired mind are to exercise, rest, and maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Your body and your mind are not separate. The health of mind and body are synergetic. Get your exercise, get your sleep, and eat a healthy diet. It may sound simple, but it’s vital to organizing your mind.

I’ve been working extremely hard to create my private label course. Without a healthy workout regimen, sleep cycle, and diet, creating this product would never have been possible. If you’d like to check out my private label course, head over to AmazingFBA.com/PLP

3.) Connect with people who get it.

Whether it’s a physical mastermind, a meetup, an online mastermind, or even a facebook group with experienced sellers, find a network of support and utilize it. In-person masterminds, in my opinion, are far and away the most effective support systems out there. If you’re interested in finding a mastermind, but don’t know where to start, check out the Amazing FBA Mastermind Programs, The 10k Collective & Zero to Hero. These aren’t the only solutions in the Amazon seller space. In fact, there are hundreds of fantastic mastermind groups out there, but the success found by those who have participated so far is undeniable.

4.) Reset your goals.

Dan Kennedy is one of the original internet marketing gurus. His philosophies have filtered down through the online marketing ecosystem for decades. One of the things Dan says is, “when you are up to your ass in alligators, it’s difficult to remember that your original objective was to drain the swamp. It’s easy to get so caught up in managing all the problem parts of a business that you never do anything else.” Don’t forget your initial objectives. Take stock in what’s important to you and your business often.

5.) Put first things first.

Set up an Eisenhower 2×2 matrix. Label the left column of the grid with “Important Tasks,” and the top row of the grid with “Urgent Tasks.” Next label the right column with “Unimportant Tasks,” and finally label the bottom row of the grid with “Non-Urgent Tasks.” Now fill in the grid with all of the tasks you attempt in a given day. Most people will expect the bottom-right quadrant of the grid to remain empty, but if we’re honest with ourselves, the time we spend on YouTube or Facebook every day likely belongs here, and those unimportant, non-urgent tasks can take up a lot of our time. Get ahead of those urgent and important tasks so you can spend time on the important, but not so urgent tasks that will help you grow your business. This brings us to our next step.

6.) Schedule time for those important, but not urgent tasks.

A lot of us manage by crisis. This is rarely an effective strategy, and those critical tasks we’ve thrown on the backburner can lead to significant problems down the road. It’s vital to effectively manage the urgent duties so you can spend those 1-4 hours a day focusing on the big-picture items that will help you scale down the road. Don’t let the most critical task of the day go by the wayside. Set aside time every day to better yourself and your company by working to complete that essential task that you’ve been putting off.

7.) Prioritize ruthlessly.

If you let unimportant objectives bury the important ones, you’ll never get ahead. It happens to even the most experienced entrepreneurs. Someone sends you an email that throws of your schedule for the day, and suddenly you’re behind on tasks you should’ve completed months ago. Be ruthless. Understand your priorities. That’s the essence of the mindset of the successful entrepreneur. Say no to the responsibilities that can wait a few hours so you can be sure you’re finishing the ones that will help you and your business grow on a personal and professional level.

8.) Simplify

Ask yourself one single question. How can I simplify this and still get 80 per cent of the result I wanted? If you’re overwhelmed, you have to cut things down. You have to let some things go. You’re going to have to simplify. Rather than trying to be perfect and ending up failing, do an adequate job and get things done. The standards for each task should reflect that task’s level of importance.

9.) Outsource or find a partner.

If you start outsourcing things that aren’t a high priority for your business you’re going to end up throwing good money at bad. Don’t do that. Identify high-value tasks that can be efficiently completed by a virtual assistant, find a competent and reasonably priced virtual assistant, and you’re on your way. Simplify first, prioritize second, then outsource. My interview with Nadine Eich has some excellent strategies for finding and training a virtual assistant. Check it out here (LINK). If you want to go fast, do it on your own; if you want to go far, do it with a team.

10.) Work on your most important task until it’s done or can’t be pushed any further that day.

If you’ve focused on a single task, and it’s your most important task, you’ve had a good day. A valuable thought experiment can be fast-forwarding to the end of the day and looking back on what you’ve accomplished. What was the thing you absolutely needed to get off your plate? Got it? Alright. It’s 9 am. Start that task.

These things aren’t theoretical entrepreneurial ideas that I found in a book. They’re practised before they’re preached, so to speak. I hope you’ve found value in this blog post and episode. Thanks so much. Speak to you next time.

Watch Entrepreneurial Mindset: How to Deal with Overwhelm

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