Amazon Japan for English Speakers - with John Cant of Rising Sun Commerce
274 Amazon Japan for English Speakers – with John Cant of Rising Sun Commerce

Last time on Amazing FBA  I sat down with John Cant of Rising Sun Commerce to chat about getting started selling on Amazon Japan. I’ll admit that in light of Brexit and American tariffs on Chinese imports, Part 1 of our interview got me incredibly excited about the opportunities available to Amazon sellers in the Japanese marketplace. The process strikes me as much more straightforward than I’d have anticipated, and Japan is now the third largest economy and third largest Amazon Marketplace in the world. If you missed Part 1, head over to

Today John & I Discuss:

Getting products launched in Japan (3:35).

Cultivating orders without reviews using PPC advertising (4:55).

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge into Amazon Japan, Check out Chris Rawlings’ launch service for international sellers, JudoLaunch

Pay per click advertising for non-japanese speaking sellers (8:30).

*Selecting quality keywords in Japanese without speaking the language (9:21).

– Translate English Listings Word for Word

– Brainstorm a List of New Keywords

– Use Google Keywords Tool & Export a List

– Look at Competitors Listings & Compile a List

*Keep in mind that Japanese has three alphabets; not all keyword variations will respond in all alphabets.

Reviews in Japan vs. the US, UK and Europe (13:14).

– Japan Listings Showed 3% Review Rate

– Ratings Were Slightly Lower

–  More Attention to Detail than American or British Reviewers

Consumer expectations in Japan (15:35).

Japanese customer service standards (17:28).

Customer service inquiries and returns are traditionally pretty limited in Japan, but translations need to be accurate, and the tone of customer service responses needs to be polite.   Outsourcing for non-Japanese speakers is a must.

Services Offered by Rising Sun Commerce:

– Listing Setup Including Keyword Research and Translation

– Pay Per Click Advertising Setup & Analysis

– Customer Support (CSR, Reviews & Feedback)

– Freight Forwarder & Importer of Record Recommendations

– Product Choice Feedback Based on Knowledge of Japanese Culture

Final thoughts from John concerning launching with Amazon Japan (22:52).

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