eCommerce Team - Building a Strong Team with Nadine Eich
268 Growing Your eCommerce Team with Nadine Eich Part 2 of 2

Last time on Amazing FBA we sat down with virtual assistant and entrepreneur Nadine Eich of Enida to talk about Finding Great Outsourcers. Today we’re diving into part two of my interview with Nadine to speak about retaining outsourcers and growing an ecommerce team.

Systems and processes are crucial to maintaining good workflow as you grow your business. This episode is jam-packed with tools and strategies for doing just that.

On this Episode Nadine & I Discuss:

How to verify that virtual assistants are doing the work they’re given (6:06).

“People go overboard if you don’t give them specific tasks. I have come to be very good at that over the years that I give them very specific task descriptions.”

Asana Project Management

How to make sure you’re providing specific tasks for your virtual staff (9:27).

The characteristics of a well-written task (11:51).

  1. Bold. Clear. Easy to read.
  2. Be brief. Write down everything, then revise. Remove all extraneous information.
  3. Verify all passwords and vital information required to complete the task. LastPass can help with this.  
  4. Make a video (using ScreenCastify); this is especially important the first time. Hearing your voice and seeing the process helps to maximise productivity.  
  5. Create a standard operating procedure and use Asana to deliver it on demand. Google Sites can be an incredible tool for distribution to large teams.

Creating a training course and quiz to optimise retention (18:30).

Finding and cultivating outside-the-box thinkers who take the initiative (21:35).

Fostering people’s interests in a mutually beneficial way (25:23).

Empowering your staff to do things because they want to (27:12).

“There’s no conflict between making money and really enjoying the process.”

The “Freundschaftsdienst” (29:50).

If you’re looking for help outside of the customer service realm, Nadine has a service for connecting her highly productive staff with employers around the world for just €35. If you’d like to take advantage of this service, send Nadine a message at [email protected] and mention freundschaftsdienst and Amazing FBA to get a 20% discount.

If her staff isn’t a good match, the service costs you nothing. If they do find a good match, it’s just €35 (with 20% off for Amazing FBA listeners). That’s a fantastic deal!

How to obtain Nadine’s services (36:09).

Head over to The fee is dependent on the number of countries for which you’d like service. There’s a monthly fee for checking messages, and the service is available in Canada, Europe and the USA. They’ll deal with negative reviews, process refunds, and take care of seller feedback. The service is billed per action at between €1.90-2.30.

The difference between Nadine’s service and hiring a VA (38:46).

Holiday & Sick Leave Replacements
Team Leaders
Nadine’s Personal Touch

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