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267 Finding Great Outsourcers with Nadine Eich Part 1 of 2

If you’re a poor communicator like me, hiring a virtual assistant and maintaining a productive and happy relationship can be difficult. On this instalment of the podcast, we’ll dive into tips and tricks for hiring along with some incredible strategies for interacting with VAs in a way that keeps them motivated, fulfilled, and employed.

We’ve talked many times on Amazing FBA with Aaron O’Sullivan about Amazon outsourcing from a business owner’s perspective. Today it’s time to sit down and dig deep into the particulars of Amazon outsourcing with a great friend of the show and virtual assistant entrepreneur, Nadine Eich. Nadine got her start as a freelance VA. She then met Gil F. Lang from Private Label Journey and began her ventures as an entrepreneur. Realizing there was a massive untapped market in Amazon Customer Service, she and another freelancer teamed up to start providing Amazon Customer Service as a service, and now 12 employees later they’re providing quality customer service to countless sellers all across the Amazon sphere.


On this Episode Nadine & I Discuss:

How Nadine got her start running customer service for Amazon sellers (3:14).

Amazon Outsourcing: Do’s and Don’ts  (5:04).

“When you hire us, you give us access to your Amazon Seller Central, and we go over your customer messages every 24 hours. If a negative review comes in we search for the order number and when we find it we reach out to the customer and send them a replacement or refund their money.”

Finding order numbers for negative customer reviews (8:48).

How to deal with the suspension risk inherent to review manipulation (10:26).

“That’s the whole secret; deliver, and then make them happy.”

What to outsource early, and what to leave for later (14:35).

How early to outsource your product photography (15:56).

“You have to stand out. You have to look professional. You have to look expensive… If you’re a small seller, the presentation is more important than anything else.”

Outsourcing product sourcing (19:32).

Building a team of experts to help grow your Amazon business (21:35).

Nadine’s principles for hiring (23:00).

“Only hire people you would have dinner with or go on a vacation with!“

Why Nadine chose the filters she uses when hiring new employees (27:39).

“I don’t hire for hard skills, but for soft skills.”

Test before the interview so you’re not wasting your time (33:06).

The perceived difficulties that come along with hiring Filipinos (35:53).

Questions to ask potential new hires (38:56).

“How do you make money at the moment?”

The most important question: ‘How do you spend your free time?’ (43:20)

Be yourself! (45:56)

Practising valuable regular communication (47:35).

“The writing should show what kind of mood you’re in.”

Tips for improving poor communication (53:10).


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