What is Shopify? with Jason Miles of WinningwithShopify.com
262 How does Shopify work? With Jason Miles Part 2 of 2

Amazon is an incredible launch mechanism for new eCommerce retailers and established brands alike, but sometimes we can fall into the trap of thinking it’s the only solution for online retail.  On the last installment of Amazing FBA Jason Miles and I discussed this phenomenon. It’s called the Einstellung Effect.

On today’s episode of the show, I sit down again with Jason to discuss a more nuts and bolts approach to building a successful brand on Shopify and beyond. We’ll talk about all things eCommerce: growing paid and organic traffic, social media marketing, contests, conversion rate, and much, much more. This interview has been one of the most inspiring I’ve had.

In This Riveting Part 2 Interview with Jason Miles, We’ll Discuss:

The nine ways to get internet traffic and how to build campaign systems and strategies to tackle each one (3:00).

“The ultimate hack, in my opinion, is [running] contests.”

what is shopify

  • Email Marketing
  • Organic Search
  • Branded Browsing
  • Organic Social
  • Organic Referral
  • Paid Social
  • Paid Search
  • Paid Referral
  • Paid Display


“You can, in a contest, for example, have people enter by following you on Instagram, following you on Pinterest, giving you their email address, sharing it with their friends, on and on.”


Jim Collins concept of the Flywheel and how it applies to contests and online marketing (8:50).

“If you get the prize right… it will catalyze your ideal customers to become your fans, followers, and customers.”

How Pat Myer got 15,000 email subscribers for $200 – Case study on winningonshopify.com (13:18).

Video marketing, influencer marketing, and message to market match, all through contests (16:35).

“I’ve had people who tried this and didn’t continue doing contests, but it wasn’t because their contest didn’t’ work. It was actually because it revealed business flaws that they had personal hang ups related to. They didn’t want to be the front person for their brand. They didn’t want to do email marketing. They didn’t want to have a social handle that was them tied to their product or brand.”

Shopify vs. Amazon regarding ease of use and setup (21:33).

“If you just look at the user interface for Seller Central vs. the dashboard of Shopify, Shopify is much, much simpler.”

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Conversion Rate: How to convince people to buy products in an eCommerce setting  (24:42).

Using Amazon Dash Buttons to convert recurring customers (29.04).

The strategies that 7-figure Shopify sellers all have in common (30:33).

How the dream of making $1000 a day online sent Jason for a decade-long journey towards eCommerce success (38:25).

“For ten full years, I stumbled and bumbled through various stupid ideas. Every time I would not have money and have to use a credit card, every time I’d get in a fight with my boss at work, every time I would have a long commute or have to go on a stupid business trip when I didn’t want to and miss a family event, I would think to myself, ‘$1000 a day on the internet.'”

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