Chinese Sellers on Amazon and How to Compete with Chris Rawlings
249 Chinese Sellers on Amazon – How to Beat Them! with Chris Rawlings of Judolaunch

If you missed parts one & two of my conversation with Chris, make sure you check them out here. If you’re all caught up, let’s jump right in. As you know, Chris is the founder and CEO of Judolaunch–a product launching service designed to help sellers infiltrate the international markets. Chris has already given us so much valuable information about starting an Amazon business and going international; today it’s all about how to compete with Chinese sellers on Amazon.

Competing with Chinese Sellers on Amazon

To compete with China on Amazon, it’s important to understand that most Chinese sellers have a very different mindset than most western sellers. Chinese sellers are opportunistic. A product that would take months for western a seller to bring to market can be on Amazon from Chinese sellers in mere days. These Chinese sellers have capital investment both from the public and private sector; they have the resources to redesign products and get them to market faster than an inventor can get listings to market in the first place.  It’s imperative that western sellers keep this in mind when bringing products to market on Amazon.

Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight

If your model is opportunistic selling on Amazon, you’re going to lose. No amount of personal cash investment or time spent will help you compete with these Chinese sellers. Chinese labour is cheap, and their manufacturing is just as cheap or cheaper. Trying to compete with Chinese sellers on their terms and their turf is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Don’t step into that arena. You’ll never win on pricing vs. China. That much should be painfully obvious.

Advantages for Western Sellers

You might be asking yourself, If China can bring any product I design to market faster than I can, why should I even try to compete? Well, you have a distinct advantage. You understand the demands of the people to whom you’re trying to sell. You speak the language and you know the customer. Build a brand. Develop a community. Identify and court the influencers in your specific niche to promote your products.

Keep an eye on the big picture. Don’t rely on gimmicky apps and opportunistic marketing techniques. Building a successful Amazon business as a western seller is about creating a reliable, thriving brand.

Parting Thoughts with Chris

The most important thing about building a business is having the right mindset. If you want to grow quickly, you have to have a high growth mindset. You are fluid. You have the ability to change. You’re not a static entity. If there’s something about you or your business that you want to change, do it. You have to power to reprogram your brain. There’s nothing wrong with changing who you are as a person. You should be improving yourself every day.

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Thank you to Chris Rawlings for being a part of this fantastic conversation.  Keep an eye on Amazing FBA for a future discussion with Chris Rawlings focused on Venture Capital vs. Bootstrapping.

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