Escape the Rat Race with Christian Rodwell | British Amazon Seller
234 Escape the Rat Race with Christian Rodwell Part 1 of 2

Today I’m delighted to welcome a guest from outside the Amazon bubble, Christian Rodwell from Escape the Rat Race. Escape the Rat Race is for people who have worked the same job for many, many years, and have finally asked themselves the question, “Is this really what I want to do for the next 5-10 years?” It’s scary thinking about venturing off on your own. That’s where Christian and Escape the Rat Race come in.

The Amazing FBA Dilemma: What if Amazon isn’t Right for Me?

Amazon isn’t the only way to escape the grind of a 9-5. There are many ways to build passive income. Christian’s goal is to help clients acquire and/or develop assets that don’t require them to show up and put in their time to make money. Those assets come in three distinct classes:

  • Business – For those looking to embark on the journey that is entrepreneurship.
  • Property – For those who would prefer to build passive income through real estate investment.
  • Trading – Stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency…mitigating risk while still maximizing earnings.

How did Christian Escape the Rat Race?

Oddly enough, Christian wasn’t in finance, real estate or even academia. His background was in music. The classroom lifestyle wasn’t for him, so he took up DJing. His first real opportunity was with Positiva, a subsidiary of EMI records and one of the most successful dance labels in the UK and maybe even the world.

As the landscape of the music industry changed, so too did Christian’s passion for it. At that point, he knew it was time for a change. He started with a shift into property investment and moved on to build himself a network and meetup community called Escape the Rat Race Within 12 Months… 34 events later the rest is history.

“Your Network is your Net Worth”

The message of Escape the Rat Race is not to just jump from a safe job into the unknown. The best way to move on and be your own boss is to try out multiple ideas while remaining at your current 9-5. Build a network. Develop a community. See which strategy works for you.

Speaking of Networks!

 Christian and I are thrilled to announce that we’re teaming up to host 2 workshops looking at business in the Amazon space and beyond. This is a unique opportunity for people to take advantage of a ready-made network of entrepreneurs already set up as successful sellers on Amazon. This is the first step towards developing passive income strategies that could set you on the path to escaping the rat race yourself. Sign up today!