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March 20, 2018

232 Translate Amazon Listing or Website with John Cavendish of FBA Frontiers

John Cavendish of FBA Frontiers talks about how to get into the Amazon Europe market and the best way to translate Amazon listings.

Overcoming the Language Barrier

Language is only a barrier if you don’t speak it. Amazon seller central is always in English or your main language, but you can set it to any language you want to whether it’s English, German, French, Italian.

Tools for Product Research

If you want to do product research, in say Germany but you don’t speak German, the best way to do product research is by reverse engineering your products into every marketplace just to see if there’s really a market for it.

There are two main ways to do that. One is by using Google translate. Basically, this is translating your products into German. Another way is by putting the English into the German Amazon.de website and looking for the top few products while researching what the top keyword is. You’ll be looking for the first few German words in the listing. Take those words and put them in the search bar. If there are several bestseller listings, you know you have the best keyword for that product.

The research tools are universal. You can do things manually as before although there are different rules to the BSR. In John’s course, they’ll give you the numbers to look for. For example, in Germany, look for less than 200 BSR for the top three products.

JungleScout pulls the numbers quicker for you to be able to do your research. JungleScout gives scoring system based on different numbers of each product but it’s important to make your own informed decision without paying too much attention to the revenue numbers.

Tools to Translate Amazon Listings

It’s known that Amazon’s language translation is not the best. Your best bet would be to use professional translators on freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. I wouldn’t recommend Fiverr as you will likely have a hard time finding a quality person. Upwork has some good translators but it will take time to find them. The strategy John used was to hire a few translators and have them do the same job. Then compare the work.

The important thing is to have your product in all the marketplaces at the same time. Some products rank higher in Spain, Italy, and France as these are less congested markets. However, you want to make sure the listings are high-quality. To save some hassle, you can use John’s services at FBATranslations.com where they offer services to translate Amazon listings.

You can use Google translate to quickly answer questions from clients in these countries. You’d be surprised that almost all the questions are the same from every country which is usually something like, ‘’Where is my stuff?’’ Since most clients ask the same questions, setting up templates to answer them would be a quick way to save time. Getting the templates translated into other languages is paramount.

Overcoming Cultural Differences

It’s also good to note that some slang or statements in English might seem quite appropriate to use in a listing but would be totally irrational in another language. Since this might be unknown to you, it’s highly encouraged to find a native translator who will point out such mistakes.  FBATranslations will flag anything that isn’t culturally appropriate.

Follow-Up Emails

Follow up emails helps you to hopefully get positive reviews or to head off negative reviews. FBATranslations offers this service up to a certain word count. Which isn’t really a problem because people won’t read a long email. In Germany, though, their privacy laws restrict sellers from sending certain information or follow up emails. This is important information to keep if you’re eyeing the German market.

More Information to Help You Translate Amazon Listings

When translating keywords from one language to another, the translation might not be as original as it should be for it to be ranked by Amazon’s algorithms. FBAFrontiers does the keyword research first then they send the English listing to the translator along with the keyword research so that they can rewrite the copy of the listing to optimize for the keywords. Their translators are used to writing sales copies on Amazon.

Get in Touch

FBAFrontiers is a great course for Amazon sellers that know how to sell on Amazon and are looking into expanding into Europe. It’s five modules including template, determining if there’s a market, getting started in the EU, and much more. If you use my link, http://fbafrontiers.com/amazing, for a special discount as well as a free call with John.

FBATranslations is a great service to translate Amazon listings without the mistakes of other tools. Again, use my link, http://fbatranslations.com/amazing, to get a great discount.

Watch Translate Amazon Listing or Website with John Cavendish of FBA Frontiers

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