Social Media for Amazon Sellers with Reed Menssa
228 Social Media for Amazon Market Research with Reed Menssa Part 2 of 3

We have Reed Menssa back on the show today to talk about social media research and off-Amazon marketing.

Last episode we talked about how to choose a product and the market research that goes into that. This episode we want to focus on using social media to check where the market is at on a product.

How Social Media fit in with Amazon Marketing

You’ll find that there are big players in the retail space that haven’t gone to Amazon yet. They’re doing well in traditional retail outlets and see Amazon as a small market. If they ever decide to sell on Amazon, they would dominate over you. You can find these companies by doing a simple Google search of some of the keywords for your product. AZAnalyser has of tool that does it for you as well as many more features, but a simple Google search will likely turn up what you’re looking for.

If you find that the product has a following on Facebook, you can determine quite a bit about it. If the posts for the product get a lot of likes but people aren’t talking about it, then it’s not really an engaging audience. That may be too generic and the problem you’re trying to solve has already been done. You want to look for an engaged audience that wants to talk about the product and share it.

Use AZSocializer to Help your Social Media Strategy

AZSocializer is similar to MeetEdgar or similar software that posts to your social media accounts. Once you get a product launched you’ll want to promote it on social media platforms. It’s a great tool to get your brand in front of people.

Beyond that, it’s very valuable to look at the data. That way you can see what people are saying about you and what the market is like for the product. If you can find RSS feeds relating to the market, then you can get a steady stream of data about it. They can also find Facebook groups with people who they think would be buyers and post content that might add value to the group.

Using Social Media once you have a Product

Most of that is done before you even speak to the manufacturers. It’s important to lay the groundwork and get as much data as you can before you launch. Once you have a product to sell, the first thing you need to go is set up a one-page website. The point of the site isn’t to sell, it to use marketing tools. You will use the site as a pass-through for people. You’ll have the Google Tag and/or Facebook Pixel so you can tag potential buyers so you can market to them later.

Email Marketing

Because you’ve laid the groundwork before you launched, you have some credibility on social media. You don’t want to constantly sell; your goal should be to add value. So, drop links to interesting articles and such. Then you can offer a discount in exchange for an email address. Once you have that, you have amazing access. Again, don’t sell right off the bat and don’t send them too much. Once a month or so you should be in heir inbox offering value.

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