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January 30, 2018

217 Amazon Suspension Risks with CJ Rosenbaum – Part 1

Today we’ll be talking, once again, to CJ Rosenbaum of AmazonSellersLawyer.com about Amazon suspension risks and how to avoid them.

Amazon Suspension

As sellers, we live in a fear of Amazon suspension. We may lose our ASIN or our entire account. In my Zero-to-Hero mastermind, one person was suspended within a couple of weeks of starting trading. It could have been avoided if she had spoken to me (as her coach), but there you go. In my other group of about 10, one person has been suspended. It’s believed that between 1% and 10% of sellers will have Amazon suspension.

As more and more of your livelihood depends on Amazon, it becomes more and more important to protect it. That means having a strong ally, and a good lawyer can be one of the best people to have in your corner.

How Amazon Sellers Lawyer Protects you from Amazon Suspension

CJ and his team will help you get your ASIN or account back if you face Amazon suspension. They can work with you to write your Plan of Action or give you advice on what needs to be done. They are the only company in the world that had a dedicated staff of college-educated people.

Amazon Sellers Lawyer has a great record when dealing with Amazon suspension. There is no 100% so if a company tells you that, they are being less than honest. CJ will review your case and won’t take your money if he doesn’t like he can help. If you’ve been caught 6 times selling counterfeit products, there’s nothing that can be done.

They work with sellers globally in almost every country Amazon sells in. They will be expanding to Australia soon and also have plans to expand into other platforms such as eBay, Etsy, and Jet.

Amazon Suspension Prevention

The biggest reason for Amazon suspension is inauthenticity. This doesn’t mean counterfeit. They want to see how you came about your products and can track back to the distributor and manufacturer.

To protect yourself, make sure you are keeping all your records organized and that your buying from quality distributors and/or manufacturers. Look at your invoices. You need to make sure the fonts match. If there is a place for a signature, make sure there’s a signature. If there’s a website, go to that site before you pay and make sure it’s legit.

Private Label

You are better protected because you have emails about how you’re sourcing your products, your logo, your mark, and how you went about creating this product. You can show how it’s being shipped and how you’re paying. Keep that information organized in case Amazon wants to see it.

If you’re selling generic products, see if other sellers are having products. For example, not too long ago there was the solar eclipse. Many sellers were selling those glasses. They were all basically the same product and probably came from just a couple manufacturers. You need to be able to show exactly where you got them, and how yours are a bit different.

Other Tips

Never source from Alibaba. It may be a good gateway to a manufacturer, but you want to work with the manufacturer directly so you can see their invoices. There’s a retail battle between Amazon and Walmart and Amazon is reluctant to accept invoices from Walmart. As a defensive move, you may want to avoid Walmart. If you’re doing retail arbitrage, look at your receipts and make sure they are very detailed. Also, only buy from sources where you can trace back where they got it from.

Other Causes of Amazon Suspension

  • High ODR (Order Defect Rate)
    • CJ believes any extra communication, other than reviews, count towards this. Where it’s a return or refund or even the buyer asking a question. Any friction in the process.
  • Used sold as new complaints
  • A-Z complaints
  • Intellectual Property complaints
  • Review Manipulation
    • Could be poor wording in an allowable communication. Be smart about how you get reviews. It’s not worth getting a few extra reviews at the cost of an Amazon suspension.

Watch Amazon Suspension Risks with CJ Rosenbaum – Part 1

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