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January 26, 2018

216 Why Amazon “Product Research” as such is nonense

Today we’ll be talking about Amazon product research is nonsense and what you should be doing instead.

Amazon Product Research

The idea behind it and that thinking will lead you down the wrong rabbit hole. The same goes for keyword research. This idea came to me in one of my mentoring sessions.

If you’re serious about selling and need help getting to that next level, you should seriously consider my mentorship program. It’s a great way to get that one-on-one guidance that will put you ahead of the competition. This is for serious sellers only as I am picky about who I work with. Simply fill out the application so we can find out if you’re a good fit.

In that mentoring session, my client was looking for a product to sell on Amazon. However, his Amazon product research took him into territory he knew nothing about while disregarding the knowledge he had gained from 20 years of a professional career.

It’s more important to focus on what you know because behind that Amazon product research, and the keyword research is a person. All that research won’t tell you about the person behind buying your product. Sure, it will tell what words they may be using, and that’s great for selling cheap good, but that’s not the future of Amazon.

Person-Centric Marketing

Amazon product research won’t tell you what people are passionate about or what their pains are. You may find that there is an opportunity selling dumbbells and you think you can sell them a little bit better or a little bit cheaper. That’s level 1 selling.

Right now, Chinese manufacturers are flooding the Amazon listings with cheaper goods. However, their terrible listings with poor English don’t speak to people passions and pains. That is what will win on Amazon in 218.

Putting Theory into Practice

Let’s take an office manager as an example. This person has been an office manager for 15 years and wants to sell on Amazon. They know the pains people deal with in an office when it comes to stationery. Not only can this person improve upon the existing product, they know how to talk about it in a way that sympathizes with the target market.

Next, they can focus on marketing to other office managers that are buying for an office rather than individuals. Office managers will be buying larger quantities. They are less price-sensitive since they are looking for quality and aren’t spending their now money. This leads to much bigger potential. For example, you can branch out into other office supplies.

External Traffic

The key to success is attracting external traffic. In a couple weeks I will be releasing my interview with Brian Burt of Amazon Influencer Marketing and will be discussing YouTube and other social media influencers and how they can help you sell your product. Really great stuff coming up. It’ll be on the podcast and blog, or you can check back at AmazingFBA.com/AIM for updates towards the end of the month.

Watch Why Amazon “Product Research” as such is nonsense

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