Momentum for Amazon Sellers and New Year Review
215 Getting Back Motivation and Momentum for Amazon Sellers

I want to talk about momentum for Amazon sellers. 
After the holidays, it’s easy to get into a slump so I want to give you a few tips on how to stay motivated during the new year.
Let’s start with what you need to get rid of and add in your life.

The company you keep

Peer group

If you are hanging out with people that don’t share your mindset. Maybe they’re stuck in the employee state of mind and thinks that anyone with wealth trick or coerced their way to the top. These are the kind of people that will drag you down. That will make it difficult for you to have the mindset needed to be successful. Find a peer group that is passionate about building a business and taking action. A great way to find a good peer group is a mastermind group.

Business partner

It may be necessary to couple someone that is gun-ho and “pedal to the medal” entrepreneur with someone that is a little more cautious. It strikes a nice balance. However, if your partner is too cautious to push forward with anything new.

The power of exercise can boost motivation for Amazon sellers
Richard Bronson’s answer to being more productive is to workout. I touched on this in a recent video I shot while at the gym. Exercise is a necessity. This can be a stressful job. It pays to consider your health. I knew someone in a mastermind group that was a high-energy person but didn’t focus on their health and consequently suffered a heart attack.
You really need to work it into your schedule. As an internet entrepreneur, you spend a lot of time being inactive in front of a computer. Use this month to start the habit of regular exercise.

Momentum for Amazon Sellers

Momentum and motivation are tied together but not the same thing. This implies motion and building on that motion. The challenge is getting that initial start so you can build on the momentum for Amazon Sellers.

Success breeds success

You can start will small wins. This may be selling your first $10 on Amazon. If you ran into a roadblock while researching a new product, it may be that you’re being stopped by fear. Just find small things to build on. Get on Google and find some suppliers.

Set yourself up to win

Learning Amazon and business systems count as a HUGE win. If you test a product on Amazo and it doesn’t do well, it may still be a win. If you get feedback about the product you can learn what the market wants. Maybe you learned something new about how to run your business that you can use if the future. Either way, you’ve set yourself up better long-term. You can learn if the market is viable BEFORE you make a huge investment.
Remember, learning how to assess markets is a MASSIVE win. With your first product, aim to learn. Financially, be content just to break even and see profit as a bonus.

Look after your mood

Get plenty of rest. You’ll be happier and more productive.
See you friends in real life. Not on Facebook. Facebook is only comparing their outward life to your inward. People only post the highlights of their lives.
Eat right. Don’t neglect your body or you’ll pay for it later.
Meditation/Prayer/whatever stills your mind.
Exercise (again!). I can’t emphasize this enough.