How to sell a Product for lots of money with Dana Derricks
209 How to sell a Product for lots of money with Dana Derricks Part 1 of 2

Dana has always positioned himself as someone that sold stuff at a higher price than most other sellers on Amazon, and now he writes books about how to charge the amount you want for your product and get people to pay that. He evens sell his informational books for way more than what other books are going for. His latest master project is teaching people how to sell their product for what they’re actually worth. Today he is going to teach us how to sell a product for lots of money.

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Dana’s Current High-Ticket Item

He just finished his latest book. It teaches people how he goes about selling his stuff for 10 times more than what his competitors do. Because most people think selling is a singular even when it’s not. It’s a process. Selling is not asking to get married on the first date. That’s what most people do, but it should be. He just finished his new book, “High Ticket Book Secrets”. Which outlays the entire process.

About The Book

This book is really great for anybody. The great take away for Amazon sellers is that there is no reason that you can’t charge the higher price you want and get people to buy your product. You just have to be the better seller and have the better-quality product. In some cases, a higher price can be more appealing to buyers.

How To Sell a Product For lots of Money

The first most practical thing I would tell anybody is to differentiate. Make your product as valuable as you can by bundling other products with it. If you do that you will push the competition back.

This situation would bring you back to listing acquisition. So, if you had the same listing as another seller you would try to create a better ad copy than theirs. Price anchor to something else rather than the other masterminds selling the same product as you.

Throwing Rocks

This means that you are pointing out the shortcomings of any other option. Most people think
your throwing rocks at other sellers in your space. But, the biggest competitor is your customer doing nothing.

Price Anchoring

I always look at the full set of options. We are not just comparing ourselves to one brand or product. Once you start thinking that way you realize that your way cheaper than the other option that scratches your niche.

Choosing a Product

People overestimate how informed people are when it comes to buying. You as a seller will know more about what your selling than the customer ever will. If sellers could narrow in on the reason why people really want stuff it would be easier to sell.

Dana’s Current Product and How to Sell It

He differentiates it and asks the why and how it is better. He anchoring his price to all the other things rather than the other supplements. When he does that, he is no longer the most expensive. He is now the cheaper than going to the gym, a nutritionist, a gym trainer. That’s how to sell a product. Make the buyer compare your product to even more expensive alternatives.

Making Sales on the Backend

The name of the game is getting people off of Amazon and building your own customer base. Amazon is great to use for a way to launch your business, but getting off of Amazon is key. You start with one product and build up your reputation and then you can sell your customers anything once they trust you.

The most practical and easy way to build up your customer base is to include an insert in your packaging. It’s the best thing you could. The number one thing you’re trying to do is get them off of Amazon to be able to interact with them more.

Find all of Dana’s interview as well as a webinar he did at

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