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One-off Services

What kind of checks do you offer?

  • "RAC" Market Research Sanity Check:          You've done your Market Research.You are about to launch into finding manufacturers. Before spending months on that, check if you're onto a potential winner - or a no-hoper.  
  • CHECK YOUR MARKET Before you waste $1000s - Click here for details 
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  • "GEM" Sourcing Sanity Check:                                          You've already chosen your niche. You've chosen your  and got samples. You're just about to place a Private Label significant order with a supplier/manufacturer in China. 
    Before you spend £1000s (or $1000s or €1000s), check if you have taken care of the details - or if you are leaving open the door to months of misery correcting mistakes. Or even wasting yo
  •     SAVE STRESS, MONEY & MISERY. Click here for details
  • "RARE" Launch Plan Check:                                                         You've already confirmed your  niche, and you've actually placed an order for a Private Label product at scale.

    Congratulations!  But how do you get your product in front of customers? And is your listing ready to convert shoppers  and make you money? Before you waste £1000s ( $/€1000s) already spent, you need a clear LAUNCH PLAN.
  •      GET THE PAYOFF FOR YOUR MONEY & WORK. Click here for details
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  • "BAGS" Post-Launch Analysis: 
    You've launched your product. Amazing! But after launch come - Questions.  
      Why am I not making more sales? How do I get to profit? Is it worth continuing with this product? We are veterans at answering these questions. From your uncertainty, we give clarity. From numbers, guidance. 
  •  CRACK THE "CODE" &  GET SOLID ANSWERS.  Click here for details 
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Special Offer -  for next 10 people

Making Promises
  • Get the Review & Analysis/Discussion for any service for the cost of the Analysis (£50 off)
  • In each case, we'll also record our Zoom session (like Skype but better) and send you the video
  • I'll even take some notes and send you a written record of our conversation afterwards!

What to do next to book straight away...

To book in your session with me, just click on the button below, then choose the correct service below to choose one. 

You'll be taken to the page where we offer all 3 sanity check services:

1. Choose which service you need.

2. Confirm your timezone. 

3. Pick a time slot (You'll be presented with slots from my diary I've made available for this service).  

4. Pay for the session. 

That's it,  you're booked in!

(Yes, we can handle Credit cards or Paypal. And yes, different currencies are not an issue either. If they are an issue, email support and we will make it happen!)

You'll then be sent emails to make sure we're ready to work together to get your work clarified. 


If you have any quick questions about how the service works, or any tech issues, please just email 

Please note: we won't be able to give you free  guidance on email about  your actual sourcing. This is purely about the service itself. I'm afraid our support staff are not trained in advising about Amazon or sourcing. Sorry!