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#17 How to Create an Email List of your Amazon Customers

This Episode, #17,  is a tactical one by popular demand: How to Create an Email List of your Amazon Customers. It’s  a popular topic and rightly so. It’s a bit of a technical area, so it may be something that you want to outsource. But I still highly recommend you understand the process so you have some understanding of what you are asking someone to do, how much work is involved and what a reasonable fee would be for that work.


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Why do this? Strategic goals:

  • Part of audience building
  • Build a business  that is independent of Amazon
  • Connect more with customers – what do they want/need? what would they buy?
  • Create those products – physical or info
  • “The money is in the list”
  • How (tactics)

Join Amazon Insider Secrets and I will do a video on this

  1. Website (LANDING POINT)- let me know if you need help on this, I’m not covering this in detail in this episode – I will add video to Amazon Insider Secrets if asked
  • Choose domain name – I recommend Blue host. Cost: around $12 pa.
  • choose hosting – I recommend Blue host. Cost about $6/mo
  • Choose CMS – I recommend WordPress (1 click install with Blue Host). Free.

2. Email autoresponder (EMAIL)

  •  choose one – I recommend aWeber (cost $18/month)
  • sign up
  • create a List of customers eg Product Warranty
  • create a sign-up form
  • create first email (eg welcome)
  • optional – create follow up sequence

3. Opt-in page

  • choose one
  • – WordPress does “Optimise Press” theme, which is cheaper than LeadPages.
  • I recommend Leadpages (cost $25/month if you pay annually -! or $37/mo if you pay monthly-PLEASE NOTE!) 
  • Sign up
  • Integration with email service provider:
  • Create a new leadpages template
  • At top bar, click “Leadpages”
  • Click “Create a new page”
  • Choose a template – if in doubt, keep it simple
  • Choose industry – “Retail” probably
  • Edit form – fairly intuitive
  • Click on edit opt-in box
  • Under integration settings,
  • Under integrate form with, choose “aWeber”
  • Under Using, choose “name of your group eg Product Warranty”
  • Save, publish
  • Check the published page works

4. Website redirect

  • Create a page named “warranty” or other
  • Get it to appear in menu bar
  • Create a redirect to the Leadpages page
  • Use the plugin “Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin”
  • Test it!

5. Product inserts(driving traffic)

  • Create wording – e.g., “To activate your Lifetime Warranty, go to  mybusiness.com/warranty
  • Create PDF
  • Ask Chinese supplier to create and print and insert into each unit
  • Specify size, type of paper if possible


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