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161 Amazon Marketing Services with Brian Johnson Part 3 of 3

Once again we have with us Brian Johnson of PPC Scope and Sponsored Products Academy. Today we will be talking about Amazon Marketing Services.

Brian Johnson of PPC Scope

Brian Johnson of PPC Scope

If you haven’t already, please listen to the first two parts of this interview, where we address PPC for Amazon Seller Central. Just head on over to amazingfba.com/brianj for all the episodes as well as some great resources, including Brian’s proprietory PPC Cheatsheet.

Amazon Marketing Services

Brian is going to teach us how to hack into your competitors’ listings, and ethically steal their traffic and sales. Sounds crazy, right? There is an Amazon platform that most people are not aware of called Amazon Marketing Services, AMS. It’s the banner ads that appear above every ad when you search on Amazon. It’s the ads below the “Add to Cart” button on a listing. Amazon Marketing Services is a gated advertising platform where you have to meet certain qualifications to join. Once you do, you get much higher visibility, much lower cost-per-click, and you can target your competitors and defend your own brand by having ads on product pages. It’s below their description and offers you the ability to show off your product to their customers.

Get Started with Amazon Marketing Services

AMS is gated by Vendor Express.  Once you get past the stage where you send Amazon a sample order, then you can begin using Amazon Marketing Services.

For Free video training from Brian, click on the video image below:

Once you’re in, you have to structure your AMS ads to proper way to make sure you pack a punch. It doesn’t work the same way as sponsored products. AMS has three aspects:

  1. Headline search ads which are the ads at the top of the search results.
  2. Product display ads which are below the add to cart button.
  3. Sponsored Products ads which are not the same as the sponsored ads we’re used to and they show up in different locations than the classic sponsored products.

The best case scenario is to use both types of sponsored products. You can use AMS to help filter down keywords based on what Amazon thinks will be relevant.

There are ways to streamline the process of getting approved for Vendor Express. However, that would be way more than we could cover on this episode. It is something Brian teaches in his course.

Many people are confused about what you can advertise for on AMS. They think you can only show ads for products you submit through Vendor Express. That is not the case. You are only using the product to get approval. AMS allows you to show ads for all your products.

Brian’s course covers all that and more. Brian will teach you how to get started, how to get un-gated, and how to make the process very simple.

Get More Information

The best place to get more info is in Brian’s free training at Sponsored Product Academy. There are 4 free videos about this whole area. Just click on the video image below to access that:

The Academy full course itself It is very in-depth training. It’s about a 5-week course. It’s the best place to start if you want to dominate your competitors in advertising. You can start with the free videos and take it from there. 

For the cheat sheet and other resources, including instant access to training videos, just visit the link below:


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