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#15 Planning for your Amazon FBA Business

This Episode, #15,  deals with a big area: Planning for your Amazon FBA business. It’s not as sexy a topic as some, but it’s a must if you want to develop momentum and hit big, exciting goals.


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See below Shownotes for Your Free downloadable Excel spreadsheet for Quarterly planning! 

    1. Overview
      1. Targets (money in) & Resources (money out)
      2. Approach/Mindset
        1. “Planning is indispensable; Plans are worthless”
    2. TARGETS/ Needs
        1. Financial
          1. sales targets -$/units/mo
          2. gross profit
          3. net profit
          4. free cashflow
        2. Exit strategy?
          1. timeframe
          2. value/money
          3. marketplace?
        3. time
          1. time to x sales/month
          2. time available (hours/week/month)
        4. contacts/prospects/customers  (if any yet)
          1. existing lists (if any yet)
          2. JVs (joint ventures – if you have industry contacts)
        5. Products
          1. Amazon Top Level category?
          2. no. products
          3. no units sold (inventory)
        6. skills areas to develop
          1. business building!
            1. mindset
            2. skills
            3. business structure (blueprint)
            4. planning
          2. product research
          3. sourcing
          4. marketing Channels
            1. Amazon PPC
            2. Email list building
              1. Lead Pages
              2. aWeber
              3. inserts
              4. FB marketing?
            3. Social media
              1. FB
              2. Youtube
              3. Twitter
          5. marketing calendar – depending on your market…
            1. Halloween
            2. Thanksgiving
            3. Christmas
            4. Mother’s day
            5. Father’s day
            6. Valentine’s day
            7.  4 July
          6. customer service
          7. financial planning
        1. professsionals/outsourcing
          1. photographer
          2. designer
          3. sourcing agent
          4. book-keeper/accountant
          5. Social media/blog VA
          6. customer service?
        2. mentors/peers

Your Free downloadable Excel spreadsheet for Quarterly planning! This is roughly the process I use but it is something of a first draft, so let me know how you would like this improved.


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