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February 9, 2017

141 Brad Moss’s Amazon Video Service – Part 2 of 4

Brad Moss used to run Amazon Seller Central. Now he owns his own consulting firm, Product Labs, and is launching a new video service, AMZ Product Video. Why start this in the first place?

Amazon has opened up a little more for third-party sellers to be able to get video on the website. This service has gained a distributor agreement with Amazon so they can get videos for other people, onto their listing. It’s different than the typical videos you’ve seen. If you become a vendor, everyone knows that you get the A+ content and you can put a video up top with your images.

Brad’s business partner used to work for IMDB and they know a lot of the people on the team handling this service. The service is pretty neat and they are trying to build up more and more video content inside of Amazon. You can actually put up a video and link it to your ASINs, and it will show up on the page a little further down. It won’t be on the top, it is right above the customer reviews. So when people are scrolling through and looking for more information, there is a section titles “Related Video Shorts.” It gives more information about the product itself, where people will be looking for it.

I’d like to underscore just how major that is. We had Kevin King on awhile back, and he emphasized the importance of getting a good video review in the first couple reviews. It’s really powerful.

There are several types of videos you can do, it’s really fascinating. You can do unboxing videos, you can tag them as product comparison, you can do how-to videos, interviews, or you can do a straight-up advertisement for your product. There’s a whole list of different categories you can classify it as. This is particularly important for products that need to be explained or need some kind of information.

The service just processed a video the other day about a drain. It had this really cool strainer system, and the video showed everything about it. How it worked and why it was so much better than the competition.

Are the categories on your side, or are they specified by Amazon?

These are the various tags you can put in. So you get the video ready, then you have to put in some metadata. You submit it through the service and then service processes it and distributes it into Amazon. The categories are Unboxing, How-Tos, Interviews, Product Review, and Advertising.

If I’m understanding this correctly, this is a legitimate way of getting video reviews onto your listing? It’s within their terms of Service and they’re happy about that?

Yeah. This service wants to get more and more videos on Amazon. They love AMZ Product Videos because the service makes sure it’s high-quality videos. You can just put any video up. It has to be good quality, and you can’t have links going out of Amazon. This service scrubs all that which is why their contact in Amazon are really excited about this distribution agreement.

This is really powerful because this is a way to influence your audience that doesn’t violate
Amazon’s Terms of Service. Tell us more about how it works. Say I want to private label a pen. How do I get started?

You just go to amzproductvideo.com and the service does two things. If you don’t have a video, they will develop some videos for you and upload them to Amazon for free. If you have a video, they charge for the processing they have to do, then upload it to Amazon.

It’s really quite easy. You just need: from http://amzproductvideo.com/pages/how-it-works

What we need from you.

We have several things we require in order to take your video upload request. They are:

  1. High Quality Video. We reserve the right to deny uploading a video where the content, resolution, or audio isn’t generally considered high quality. This is an Amazon requirement.
  2. Video File. We need a link to the following:
    1. Video File. Formats accepted are: 3GP, AAC, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4 and MPEG-2 formats.
    2. Thumbnail image: 16:9 aspect ratio and a suggested minimum width of 1920px. Formats accepted are: JPEG and PNG.
  3. Metadata information. This includes:
    1. Title (100 char max)
    2. Synopsis (400 char max)
    3. Video Type: How-To, Review, Advertisement, Comparison, Unboxing or Interview
    4. Related ASINs: All the ASINs referenced in the video.

You can also check out these videography tips brought to you by Vloguide.

With that, you’ll up up and running in no time.

Once the video is on Amazon, it has it’s own page. Almost like it’s an ASIN listing. So you can go through and watch it at any point because it has a permanent location, like a YouTube video.

There have been a lot of people recently, wanting YouTube videos of their products to drive traffic back to their Amazon listing. With this you have that video sitting within Amazon. How is it linked to your ASIN?

You can link your video to multiple ASINs. So if you had a brand with 20 SKUs and you wanted to make a brand video, you could link that video to all 20 SKUs. Or you can link multiple videos to one SKU. When you go to the Related Video Shorts on Amazon, you’ll see the video. If you have the URL to that video, which they will send you, it will list all the ASINs associated with it. In that previous example with the brand video, when you go to watch the video, on the right side of the screen, it will list all 20 ASINs.

Do you have any hard numbers? How does this affect conversion or sales?

He doesn’t have as much data as he would like. Based on the feedback from customers, they have seen increases in sales. A number that’s been floating around is that videos can improve conversion rate by 80%.

Tell us about the cost side of things. What are the rates for this service?

There is actually a volume discount. It’s 20% off if you do more than one. For one video it’s $250 for the processing if you already have one. If you need a video created, the prices are pretty competitive. Depending on the complexity, a 30 second video will run about $3000, for one minute it’s $4000.

It probably for people that are making serious money on Amazon. Although, if you have similar products, like different variations of pens, you could have one video linking to all those products.

Playing devil’s advocate on the processing side, if someone see $250 for the processing, is it really worth it. Is there another way of getting videos on Amazon without going through you guys?

There are other services that are similar. Often times you’d have to get the full-package and they can range from $750 – $1000. From what Brad Moss has seen, they are considerably cheaper than the competition. Also, there aren’t many people that are doing this.

So you have better pricing as well as your expertise into what Amazon likes and doesn’t like.

It’s a really terrific service. Plus it’s still new, so now is the time to get in on the ground-floor.

Watch Brad Moss’s Amazon Video Service – Part 2 of 4

[video_page_section type=”youtube” position=”bottom” image=”” btn=”light” heading=”” subheading=”” cta=”” video_width=”1080″ hide_related=”false” hide_logo=”false” hide_controls=”false” hide_title=”false” hide_fullscreen=”false”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6Dr1lMAHAk&feature=youtu.be[/video_page_section]

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