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September 28, 2015

#14 Why you should love Customer Service

This Episode, #14, is an “in-between-isode” dealing with one particular area: Customer Service for your Amazon FBA business. From this grows the whole area of your Brand and reputation, and your connection to your customers.


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  1. Customer service – why you should love hearing about your customer’s problems
    1. hearing from your customers means they are not yet leaving a negative review
    2. You can find out what aspects of your product are a problem for your customers – this is very important for improving the product.
    3. It’s a chance to connect with them. This is huge!
    4. Saying sorry and making someone happy who was in pain creates much more rapport than having little emotional interaction.
    5. It’s more likely that you’ll get a 5-star review from great customer service from a former 1-star review than an average buyer! (in my experience so far)
  2. Customer reviews – responding
    1. respond to ALL reviews – to encourage any behaviour, feed it with ATTENTION!
    2. to negative reviews, tell them you’re sorry, give them a way to contact you e.g. support@yourbusiness.com, and promise to put it right
    3. to positive reviews, thank them, put in plenty of keywords to help your listing rank for those!
  3. Brand Building
    1. Brand=total association a customer has with your product, company or you personally.
    2. It’s not just a logo or packaging. The latter are just a sub-set of Branding. For example if I see the Nike “swoosh”, I think of their running shoes. But I also think the same when I hear the word.
    3. Brand includes Reputation – i.e. what people say about you to others.
    4. It also includes the unconscious associations, e.g., for Nike, glistening sprinters (adverts), “Just do it” logo; also street wear in certain parts of certain cities! Positive AND negative.
  4. Positioning
    1. is different again from Branding – even more powerful.
      1. e.g. If you say “running Shoes”, you probably think of “Nike” – so you have got “top of mind”
    2. to start with, you won’t have that.
    3. You won’t even have any associations with your logo or visual branding, except the immediate type of impression that the visuals give. Important but not  the whole picture.
  5. Connecting with your customers off Amazon (marketing channels)
    1. Email lists – put an insert in your product packaging driving traffic to an email sign up page e.g., www.yourbusiness.com/warranty. – idea is to sign up for a product warranty.
    2. Social media followers,e.g.,
      1. Facebook Pages and groups
      2. Twitter followers
      3. Youtube subscribers etc.
  6. Sales channels off Amazon:
    1. Your own website
    2. other places e.g. eBay
  7. It’s not necessarily just about physical products
    1. You could also sell information products
      1. Physical ones
        1. Books! – Amazon started with this
        2. DVDs
      2. Digital ones
        1. Online training e.g., Amazing Selling Machine
  8. Don’t look for more Customers for your Products;                           Look for more Products for your Customers!


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Watch my Amazon Customer Service

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