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November 7, 2022

13 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Online Store

So, you get strong traffic because people are aware of your online store. What if, however, your sales are still insufficient? You’re not alone, after all. Low conversion rates are common in e-commerce sites. They are unable to turn prospects into paying clients as a result. Low conversion rates can cause issues for your company. People won’t complete the purchase when they visit your site but need to discover a solution somewhere along the path. Fortunately, there are several tactics you may use to increase your online sales; continue reading to learn more.


  1. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

    As more and more individuals use their phones for shopping, the mobile trend is growing. eMarketer predicts that mobile devices will account for 40.1% of ecommerce sales in 2020, up from 36.9% in 2019.

    Thus, the majority of ecommerce shops place a high importance on having a well-designed, mobile-friendly site that is geared for conversions. Due to the intense competition, you will lose out on many prospects and financial opportunities if you don’t provide a seamless mobile experience.

  2. Create a Presence on Social Media

    With so many trending topics and popular videos grabbing your audience’s attention on social media, branding can be challenging. There are several methods to use different social media channels to connect with your target audience.

    To reach your specific audience, websites like Facebook use tailored advertising. Custom audiences make it simple to set up advertisements. This enables you to display your advertising to users that share the same demographics as your current clients.

    Similar to this, you can divide up website users into groups based on what they do there. You can achieve this by retargeting these individuals with your adverts using a retargeting pixel.

  3. Put SEO to Use on Your Website

    SEO and user experience complement one another. User experience refers to how visitors engage with your website. The ability to use Google effectively is the most important competency you require if you are interested in ‘search’ and how it functions. These might include specialized tools for backlink research, tools for on-page optimization, or tools for aiding SEO applications for Google Search Operators

    To increase e-commerce conversions and drive organic traffic to your store, use SEO. You may improve your website’s ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and attract more visitors by optimizing it for specific keywords and phrases.

  4. Consider Email Marketing

    Through email marketing, your customers can produce curated content that strengthens the relationship between your audience and brand. You already know that a specific subscriber is interested in your goods and services because they chose to receive emails from you.

    Make sure all the information about your subscribers is correct by using an email verification service. To keep them interested, provide them freebies, pertinent material, and discounts. Your subscribers shouldn’t be inundated with product offers via email marketing. Sending them valuable content is what you should do instead. If you don’t, there’s a good possibility they’ll unsubscribe.

  5. Provide Leading Customer Service

    Ads burn a hole in your wallet as you try to get people to visit your website. Making sure that you obtain repeat customers is one technique to generate income without experiencing a rise in traffic.

    Providing a superior customer experience from the minute a user enters your platform is one of the best ways to keep them coming back to your website.

    An excellent client experience involves a website that is simple to use, offers reliable policies and top-notch goods, as well as post-purchase support. One of the most frequent reasons why brands lose out on repeat business is poor after-sales support. They are unable to complement their products with a system of customer support that is just as good.

  6. Customized Messaging

    Personalized messages come across as heartfelt. People feel valued, special, and good about themselves as a result. You want your customers to feel just that way.

    Make sure your ads, emails, landing pages, and site pop-ups include this messaging. Never undervalue the power of tailored message because it may do wonders for increasing the desire of your prospects to make a purchase from you.

  7. Utilize Scarcity Tactics

    If you have a product with a limited supply or that is only available for a short time, visitors are more likely to make a buy. This is due to their uncertainty regarding whether or when the things would ever be offered at that price again.

    Here are some strategies for utilizing scarcity to your advantage and increase sales:

    • During sales, set a countdown clock on your website.
    • Conduct flash sales
    • Display “just X items left” on your products.
    • Consider free shipping for a limited time

    When you use scarcity in your marketing plan, you may increase click-through rates by 14% and increase revenues by a factor of two. The fact that it is simple to apply is the best part. Simply placing a pop-up on specific sites with a promo code or a brief message urging users to take advantage of the deal would enough.

  8. Cut Down on Cart Abandonment

    If you own an online store, you’re definitely familiar with this. You can receive notification when a customer adds items from your store to their cart. But at the last second, that visitor abruptly leaves their cart empty without completing the transaction.

    Thankfully, there are practical things you can do to reduce cart abandonment. For instance, including exit pop-ups makes visitors pause before clicking the “x” button.

    Users will be alerted when they move their mouse away from your store after adding these pop-ups. Additionally, it enables them to push through the alluring offer and close the deal.

  9. Display Your Hottest Products First

    What does your e-commerce website’s landing page look like? It should ideally highlight some of your ecommerce store’s top-selling items. This is because it will be the first thing that guests see and can leave a lasting impression.

    When you highlight your top-selling items on your homepage:

    • Instead of overloading your website visitors with a sea of menu selections, it makes a great beginning place for their purchasing spree
    • It makes a great initial impression
    • Additionally, there is a reason why these things sell more. You should thus make use of them to increase your influence and draw more customers into your shop
  10. Share Your Reviews

    Most of your clients utilize them to research options before making selections. You risk losing a significant portion of that potential cash if you don’t use reviews. One of the best methods to take advantage of reviews is to include product ratings. Additionally, make sure to urge customers to submit reviews for you, as they could forget to do so on their own.

    Asking your regular customers or anyone who has made many purchases from you for testimonials is another strategy to take advantage of good, high-quality reviews. Testimonials are different from reviews in that they aren’t specific to any one product. As a result, your brand as a whole gains credibility. They might also endorse the general buying experience on your website. 

    When asking for testimonials, you may also use your email list since this is typically one of the finest locations to locate devoted consumers. Post them on your landing page as soon as you have them. By doing this, you instantly gain the trust of new visitors. Additionally, since customers can recognize the real name and photo right away as belonging to a real person, they work better when you do.

  11. Run Promotions and Deals

    People enjoy finding a good deal. Make sure your promotions contain limited-time specials, coupons, flash sales, discounts, and other special deals. By providing these, you can increase both brand recognition and sales.

    Long-term customers may also be persuaded to acquire something by a fantastic price. Additionally, it will increase your conversion rates over time and support you in making more sales. By providing clients with a seamless online experience and adding long-term value to your items, you may boost sales.

  12. Include Effective Product Descriptions and Images

    Many visitors to websites just skim the words, seldom ever reading the entire page’s content. Make your product descriptions simple to read because of this. Use readable fonts, subheadings, bullet points, and lots of white space.

    How then can you write sales-driven product descriptions? Consider a single individual who best represents the buyer persona. What are the interests and pastimes of this person?

    You may find the appropriate tone for your work by asking yourself these questions. Will it be lighthearted, friendly, formal, or serious? It all relies on what consumers typically find appealing. Make your product images as alluring as your compelling product descriptions! If you have additional money, you may always hire a pro or buy photo editing software.

  13. Use Trust Seals

    Your consumers’ purchasing decisions are highly influenced by their level of trust. Within a few seconds of clicking on your site, most people will decide if it is reliable or not.

    Customers are more likely to trust well-known businesses since everyone recognizes them right away. To acquire that trust, though, you can’t rely on brand recognition if you’re just getting started.

    Consider obtaining trust seals if you want to advance your efforts to increase trust. Simply simply, these icons demonstrate that you are a respectable company. There are several different trust seals available. Additionally, trust offers can greatly lower cart abandonment and increase sales.


Over to You

These are some of the most effective methods for raising conversion rates and ecommerce sales. Each tactic on this list is highly successful when used alone. However, when you use them all at once, your ecommerce sales will be sure to soar.

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