September 14, 2015

#11 Amazon Product Launch

This Episode, #11, deals with Amazon Product Launch.

It is  part 9 of the “Amazing FBA Startup System”, which is a very highly structured series of podcasts (with very detailed show notes) designed to take you from zero to having a product launched and selling on Amazon.

If you haven’t already listened, you’ll want to at least listen to episode #10,  which deals with Product Listing.

Ideally, subscribe to listen to the whole Startup System, and start from episode #3 (episode #1 is a quick intro from me about the podcast, and episode #2 gives you the overview of the process I used to get to $20,000 in total sales in 7 months).

As announced on the show:

The first 25 people to review the show on iTunes will be entered into a draw. The winner will receive a £50 Amazon Voucher from Amazing FBA! 
Head over to iTunes now and leave your review! If you haven’t  already, you can also subscribe through iTunes to get all the info you need to start your own successful Amazon business!


The launch is basically divided into two areas for me:

  1. Prelaunch – before your product is live on Amazon- essentially creating lists of potential reviewers
  2. Launch – going after reviews (to increase conversions) and driving traffic to your listing.

Don’t Forget to Optimise your product listing before actually Launching! Check Episode  #10 notes if you haven’t already.  


  1. Photos
  2. Title
  3. Bullet Points
  4. Product Description

Underlying the last 3 elements is the hidden “Key”:

5. Keywords!

See Episode #10 notes for more details on Optimising your listing

A. Prelaunch (all of this is semi-optional but it’s ideal if you have time)

        1. Friends & Family – if UK based, build lists  ready for “unverified” reviews
        2. If US-based, do the same but you can also approach friends for actual Amazon Sales
        3. Use own list of existing clients or prospective clients  if you have one with strong cross-sell potential
        4. Facebook Fan Page
          1. Post 2-3 X/day – before launch
          2. pay for likes aim: 1000-2000
          3. run facebook ads to “fans”
        5. Creating anemail list (very optional)
          1. Run Facebook Ads
          2. Optin pages: Lead Pages. Costs about $25 a month. Relatively easy to use, looks just great, quick downloading pages. I’ve used these for 3-4 months and it works well.
          3. Email autoresponder:
            1. aWeber costs around $18 a month – the industry standard for most online marketers (unless you’re using Infusionsoft, which is over 10X more expensive). My current provider.
            2. madmimi is free for up to 100 subscribers. I haven’t used it but I’m tempted by the FREE price tag and a recommendation from Scott Voelker.

B. Launch

      1. B1. *Getting Reviews – TOP PRIORITY!**
        1. Use Amasuite software to (semi) automate this and other essential tasks
        1. Creating “Promotions” in Amazon (essential)
        2. Contact Top Reviewers (optional)
        3. Create your own list (see above) then email them your promo code
        4. Paid review services (I believe one of these is fairly essential)
          1. Tomoson – also Bloggers (for traffic) – free for 1 month then $99 a month (gulp!). I signed up too early then didn’t use them in the free period. If you’re going to use this, wait until your product is live, then get cracking fast – you have one month only for free! Many Amazon sellers I know have had success with these.
          2. Snagshout – my favourite if you’re only going to give away very few units (say 10-20). Cost ca. $5 per giveaway (plus Amazon costs!). Give them your list of single-use codes and they do the rest. I’ve used them 3 times and the review %age was high (around 75-85%, as they promised). Occasionally the reviews were very very short (try 6 words!).
          3. AMZTracker – my personal favourite as the Amazon Review Club is included in the monthly price. Give them your list of single-use codes; then you can choose which reviewers to use.
          4. Facebook Fan Page
          1. put up offer
        1. Email list if possible
          1. use Facebook page

B2. Driving Traffic to your listing

  1. Start when you have at least 5-10 reviews; more if possible (depends on how competitive your niche is) – maybe up to 25 if you’re going to give away a lot/competitive niche.
  2. Amazon Ads (essential )
    1. start with auto campaign
    2. run for a week then leave for a week
    3. review ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) and Sales
    4. break out best performing keywords into a manual campaign
    5. You can also use the best keywords from the competition from your AMZtracker analysis
  3. Other traffic sources (optional):
    1. facebook page
    2. Facebook ads (combine with page Likes ads)
    3. email lists of buyers
    4. Social Media generally:
      1. Youtube
      2. Twitter
      3. Pinterest – note, join the USA version to connect with US customers!
      4. Instagram

In the next episode we focus on Life After Launching…how to stabilise your business and your Essential Daily Disciplines (and Weekly Must-Dos…).
Including the ins-and-outs of Amazon Ads and Amazon statistics generally.


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Watch Amazon Product Launch

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  1. Thanks for the podcast, only just come across your podcast. Regarding the launch platforms that you reference, do they have UK buyers/reviewers? I am UK based selling on UK amazon and need an easier way to distribute my amazon voucher codes than using fb ads requesting people email me for a code. I might post this question in your fb group also.

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